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Tag! You're it!


An Introduction to Tag Writing

What is Tag Writing?
   Tag Writing is a piece of writing comprised of more then one author. The authors take turns adding a couple of paragraphs on to the already existing story, continuing the plot, characters and places.

Who do I add to a Tag Writing?
   You can add-on by editing the page and putting your writing up. However, you're paragraphs must corresponding to the former paragraph (same characters, themes, places, tense). As an author though you may add new characters or settings, such as a new love interest or a new spaceship.

I can't find a Tag Writing I like.
   Have no fear! You can start you're own Tag Writing story! To start you're own story go to Tag Writing Suggestions and follow the simple instructions.

What are the rules?
   1.) You must read all that has been written before you can contribute, You can't jump on the band wagon half way through, as you will not know what to do if someone references the beginning of the story.
   2.) Anyone can participate in any story unless it is private and you need invitations. To read more on private Tag Writings go to Tag Writing Suggestions.
   3.) Keep it clean; No constant cursing and no pornographic story lines.
   4.) Add your name before you add your section. This ensures that each person can take credit for his or her writing.
   5.) You can't post after yourself, just like you can't tag yourself.


Open Tag Writings

Lamenting Stone
Genre: War
Description: none yet as we will work it out farther into the story

[Evolution X]
Cyber eyes
Genre: Sci-fi
Description: none as of yet, just generally sci-fi.


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2005-07-19 [Mister Saint]: So, this wiki has skidded to a not-quite-screeching halt. So, I'm going to put up a wiki poll or two in the next little bit with some ideas that I'd like some opinions on. I'd like for all of you to do a personal favor for yours truly (I mean me, by the way) and try to scrounge up some interest in this page. Okay, break!

2005-07-19 [elfiedawn]: Ok, I take back what I just said... Really the number of open stories should depend on the number of members writing. You should also set up some sort of guideline that states if a story is inactive for x amount of days then it is removed/deleted...

2005-07-19 [Font]: Do you mean a link to the tag writing from the main street? There is a link at index which can be reached by clicking the wiki button on the navigation bar :)

2005-07-19 [elfiedawn]: Yeah I went back to check after I made that comment.

2005-07-19 [Font]: (a question regarding the limit poll) Would it be limit per genre, or a limit altogther?

2005-07-19 [Mister Saint]: I would think a limit altogether. And [elfiedawn] I've been thinking about the inactive story thing, and there are two things that are weighing on my mind about it. Firstly, some people can't be here as often as others. Secondly, anything that involves writing is going to have its long snag spots. But I'm thinking about it.

2005-10-29 [iippo]: How about keeping updated info on this page about how many chapters/how much in general has been written in each tag-story?

2005-12-09 [Akayume]: wow, cool^^

2005-12-17 [Aradon Templar]: Hm. I think it'd be a better idea to limit each genre, rather than the entire group of tag writing. That way ensures a variety of genres.

2005-12-17 [Ash]: Well, so far we haven't run into that problem, we have two scifi, fantasy, epic and than whatever the plane crash one was, adventure I believe.

2005-12-18 [Akayume]: *nods head*

2005-12-18 [Aradon Templar]: *nods head too* I agree, then. If it's not a problem, it doesn't need fixing :D

2005-12-18 [Ash]: Yep, any way the only active one I know of is Sweet Chariot.

2005-12-19 [Metal Tsubasa]: Well, mine was up and running, but it died off.

2005-12-20 [Ash]: Nawh, the Heaven and Hells still their it's just I can't do it by mself.

2005-12-21 [Akayume]: well, I can join it.

2005-12-23 [Metal Tsubasa]: I know, I need to be on here more often, sorry.

2005-12-23 [Akayume]: thats alright.

2006-01-21 [iippo]: It really would help new people if they could see with one glance on this page that how many chapters one story has got (because new people would be required to read them, they're not that likely to jump into a story that has 20 chapters already).

2006-05-17 [Lady of Lore]: good point! as someone new i would feel much more comfortable adding to someting that hasn't been around as long for fear of being too odd ^_^

2006-05-22 [Metal Tsubasa]: I know I always get overwhelmed with rp's or what not when people have gone off several pages and left me behind.

2007-12-17 [Ash]: So, is there any running tags open or are we just staring waiting fr someone to do something?

2007-12-22 [iippo]: Also, something outside fantasy and sci-fi would be good, too. Like "realism" or "historical fiction" or something?

2007-12-23 [Ash]: Hey iippo, why don't we start a relism one together?

2007-12-23 [iippo]: :3 Sounds good. I'm sure no one will mind. Wanna do the honours and create the page? ^_^

2007-12-23 [Ash]: Alright then. Be glad to! Hey, I hope you don't mind I created like a whole little senario already.

2009-06-17 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Seems like an RP to me... but, with more problems as far as keeping consistent characters. After all, the person who began a character might have to watch someone else completely warp them... seems too twisted for me but... who knows. I just might have fun with one...

2009-06-17 [Ash]: Yeah, you can completely twist a character, but that's what the next post is and you can bash their discriptor all to pieces. Some parts its smooth flowing and other's it's a colliseum.

2009-06-18 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Still, just... mya

2009-06-18 [Evolution X]: well give it a try... create your own, I'll join if you want, but you can bash them over the head if they go too out of character.

2009-06-18 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Don't want me in yours? =P

I'll give it a try, but I don't think I'll be making my own until I experience one first.

2009-06-18 [Ash]: It's fun, we used to do one, like a week after writersco opened called the gangs oh heaven adn hell, was very fun, loved it to death.

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