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Chase Contest Judging

The winners have been chosen. Congratulations to all, and thanks for the great entries!

The Chase Contest

Hosted by [Mister Saint]


Inspired by the success of [Akayume]'s A Writing Competition I decided to make one of my own. This is a one-time short story contest where the goal is to write your best chase scene.



Chase scenes are a staple of good storytelling, says I. There are few moments that really grab a reader's attention like a fevered escape, the hero scratching and clawing to to get away from whatever horror is following behind. Even if it's something as small as a teacher waving a math test or a horde of chickens, the chase can really make the reader feel what the character is feeling.

So write a chase scene! The only limitation on theme is that your chase must involve... a ladder! Otherwise, you basically have free reign to write whatever you want.

<img:> Rules <img:>

1. Both poetry and prose are allowed.

2. Submissions must involve the theme.

3. Original work only, please.

4. Spellcheck and grammar check your work. This isn't a rule, exactly, so much as a suggestion. ^^

5. No longer than 2000 words prose, or 50 lines of poetry.

6. Respect the work of others.

7. The deadline for this contest has been set at January 25th, 2006. Late entries will not be accepted.

8. Content: Submissions should be clean enough for twelve year olds to read. So profanity, gore, and sexual content should be kept to reasonable levels.

9. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: Creativity, adherence to the theme, grammar and spelling, and overall effect.

For an example of a chase scene, see 79.Example of a Chase.


The winner will have the option of receiving a free critique/edit on any piece of hir own writing, by [Mister Saint], so long as that piece is not incredibly long. (No more than 10,000 words, please. The winner should speak to [Mister Saint] about the content of the piece, as some topics may meet with personal bias, upon being declared winner.) A winner's button will be supplied, as will a runner-up.



Please give your username, a link to your story, and a word count if at all possible.

1. [Ash] - 102.short stories.running - 374
2. [Kuzco] - 212.Run for your Life - 1634words
4. [chuchutrain] - 63.Short Stories.Death by Darkness - 1063 words
5. [SleepingDragon]: 268.Tyrannosaur on Grand Avenue -629 words
6. [Burning Inside]: 233.Short Stories.Chase 628 words.....oooh one less then Sleeping Dragons
7. [tcm013] - CPS Chase- 743 words
8. [La Divina] - 115.Nebur: 826 words

If you intend to enter, please place your name in this list. Thanks!

1. [Nightshadow]...for the love of chase scenes. 8)
2. [Ash]
3. [Burning Inside]
4. [Kuzco]
5. [SleepingDragon]
6. [Askoga]
7. [Emily]
8. [Akayume] cause [Mister Saint] entered my contest ((and i love to write^^))
9. [tcm013]
10. [La Divina]... a hover car named Kryptonite...


The Chase contest, hosted by [Mister Saint]. Writer/Poet buttons by [Ash], courtesy of WritersCo Graphics. [Mister Saint]'s wardrobe provided by Leather and Lace, Toyland, East Virginia. All rights preserved in formaldehyde.

Username (or number or email):


2006-01-24 [Mister Saint]: Sorry everyone! I went ahead and set the deadline to the 25th. I apologize for the mess, but it's been really hectic lately. ^^

2006-01-24 [Burning Inside]: oh well that means that I can know who wins before I have to be gone for a long time(stupid comp)

2006-01-24 [chuchutrain]: ok coolos ^^

2006-01-25 [Burning Inside]: hey chu, you may want to add ur name to the participants list

2006-01-25 [La Divina]: Hey, my story is based on a true occurance... altered a bit, though...

2006-01-25 [Mister Saint]: O.o I think story time is in order.

2006-01-25 [Burning Inside]: *sits in a little ball* ooh story time, I love story time

2006-01-25 [Kuzco]: who got the pop corns? *lies down on the sofa with a bottle of fresh water* let's see :P

2006-01-25 [Burning Inside]: hey wait.....wasn't the competition ending today...actually how many competitions were ending today?

2006-01-25 [Kuzco]: Don't worry man, we'll find out tomorrow, right? ;)

2006-01-25 [Burning Inside]: yeah, i guess it is a good thing that I have to be here tomorrow for a little bit as well(stupid computer breaking)

2006-01-25 [Kuzco]: yeah, they can be annoying SOOO un-cooperative.

2006-01-25 [La Divina]: "Nebur" and "Reivaj" are actually my father and uncle's names spelled backward. I'm sure Moorn-sama recognized the story. My father and uncle were sent to pick up the pig for my other uncle's baptism. They actually didn't have their licence, yet, tough. My father was speeding on the way there, and as my uncle drove back he started speeding, too. They thought a cop car was chasing them, so they sped up, dodged an army bus, bumped into the rail dividing the freeway, and rolled to the other side. The car landed upsidedown, and the pig's guts and blood went flying everywhere. My father and uncle were okay, though. They couldn't speak much English, but my father was able to say "pig" to explain.

2006-01-25 [La Divina]: But I thought it would be chizz to turn the station wagon into a hover car...

2006-01-25 [SleepingDragon]: lmao! He said 'pig' to explain? hehehe

2006-01-26 [Mister Saint]: *grins* That's a goood story. And yeah, the competition is over today, but I'm having a really rough couple of days, in addition to the fact that there are seven entries to judge. ^^ The results will probably be pushed into tomorrow. But don't worry that's normal... I entered the writer's of the future contest, and they take 8-10 weeks to judge. o.O

2006-01-26 [La Divina]: Well... he couldn't speak English, but the cops were pointing at the mess of guts and blood everywhere and my father pretty much figured that he was asking what all of it was.

2006-01-26 [Mister Saint]: Please see the top of this wikipage for the Chase Contest Judging results!

2006-01-26 [Kuzco]: Very good review/judging Moorn :D. Congrats people, it was a good run indeed! A clap for the winnners *claps hands*

2006-01-26 [SleepingDragon]: Woot! *does happy dance* (I never win anything)!

2006-01-26 [Kuzco]: *still clapping* get used to it ;)

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