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General Wiki Pages
Please list your wiki pages below using the following format.

Name: [The Name of your Wiki] using [name@wiki]
About: Tell us a bit about your wiki here.
By: Who runs the wiki, your name, maybe even a wiki group? add the details here.


Official Writersco Pages

Name: NaNoWriMo Support
About: This is a support page based for November, which helps authors through NaNoWriMo and other November contests. Mainly active during November.
By: Started and Managed by [Ash]

Name: Recommended Reading
About: A list of books reviews and recommended by members just like you and me! Feel free to discuss the books while on their respective pages, or just generally discuss anything about books on the main page. It's sort of the newer BBC.
By: Started and Managed by [Ash]


Unofficial Writersco Pages

Name: BBC
About: The Backwards Book Chart is a list of member-created wikis about their readings through their life. Everyone is welcomed to create a BBC about the books they remember reading, personalizing their wiki as much as they wish for the browsing of others. Results: discussions about books, recommendations, advertising your own writings in WC to people who have read books that are similar to your text, etc...
By: Run by [iippo]

Name: The Movement
About: Reviving WritersCo, what else? Come share ideas and help promote the site we know you love.
By: The leader of the movement, [Ash].

Name: The RPer's Alliance
About: This is a wiki devoted to the RPer's! Join to participate in limited and unlimited RPG's, according to the author's discretion.
By: Managed by [Aeolynn].

Name: Sphinx's Character Index
About: This wiki is for those who need ideas for characters. Please note if you take any of the ideas and say they are your own, all the owners of the characters here will hunt you down and give you the most horriable death possible... all char's (C) their owners...
By: Also managed by [Aeolynn]!

Name: ABC
About: A Book Chat is a book group. There will be a topic, participants will choose a book and read passages that illustrate the topic, which will then be discussed among the members, until someone else gives a passage for discussion. Coffee and biquits are recommended to be at hand when participating. :3
By: Run by [iippo]

Name: Power Plant
About: Every city need power, and for that there's a power plant. Our power plant runs on thoughts.
By: Run by [kuyo]

Name: Danielle's_Poems
About: For this wiki i wanted to put most of my poems in this wiki so i can have room in my profile to put my writings.
By: Run by [tainted_beauty]


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2009-06-19 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Hrmm... not too many here... but it's something to work with. Cracks knuckles. What say we promote some wiki...

2010-11-22 [Ash]: Changed it up a bit more, now we have official and non-official pages!

2010-12-10 [Annie]: Nice! Accidentally had official twice, I just changed the second to unofficial.

2010-12-10 [Ash]: That was probably a case of a missing 'un-'

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