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Created and owned by [RiddleRose] and held by [Ash]

You know we all love them. Drabbles are little pieces of writing that are one hundred words long. In this loverly contest I shall present a challenge! You shall then create a drabble to meet that challenge. Jolly good!
Contact [Ash] with any questions.



1. All original work! No plagiarism, fanfiction, etc.
2. Follow the theme! 
3. Make it as close to 100 words as you can. I realize that it is harder than it sounds, but no entries will be accepted if the word count is below 95 words or above 105 words.
4. The format for posting an entry is this --> [username] - [usernmbr.nameofwriting@writings] - word count
5. There is a minimum of three entries before judging may commence.
6. No porn please. No gratuitous violence or rape, etc. Basically keep it appropriate for a twelve or thirteen year old.
7. There are a maximum of two entries per person! - new rule!
8. Have fun!


In Details
This will close when we have five entries but not before October 31st! Make sure you invite your friends!

It must involve a(n) GREENISH MIST!!



1. [Eleanor] 668.Contest entries.Drabbles.Fall 2011 100 words
2. [Product of a Primal Urge] 826.Greenish Mist.Drabbles Contest 100 words
3. [Annie] 415.Miscellaneous.Drabbles.October 2011 100 words


First Place: [Product of a Primal Urge] - 826.Drowning for Drabbles - 100 words
Second Place: [Eleanor] - 668.Contest entries.Drabbles.Spring 2011 - 100 words
Third Place: [Annie] - 415.Miscellaneous.Drabbles.JanuaryFebruaryMarch2011 - 100 words


Many thanks to [Paz] for making the banner and the badges!

First, Second, and Third Place Winners/Participant:
<img:stuff/drab-badge1.gif> <img:stuff/drab-badge2.gif> <img:stuff/drab-badge3.gif> <img:stuff/drab-part.gif>

Drabble Winners
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Famous First Lines by [RiddleRose] - I give you a first line and you write a story with it.

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2008-03-27 [Annie]: Ahhh!!

2008-03-27 [bloody kisses]: Reading everyone else's mine's kinda wierd I guess...But all y'all's is awesome! ^.*

2008-03-28 [Annie]: lol...I don't know about that. :P

2008-03-28 [Kuzco]: if you mean the good kind of weird, I am inclined to agree, blood.

ps. Couldn't pass the chance to call someone blood...XD

2008-03-28 [bloody kisses]: Rofl. No problems, but bloodied / bloody / B. Le I prefer. ^.^

*hugs* anyways.

And...thanks I guess Annie? lol. Oh and sorry about that is instead of are. My english teacher would kick me for that one.

2008-03-28 [Annie]: lol ya it was a compliment. I don't think yours is any weirder than anybody else's.

2008-03-28 [bloody kisses]: Okay, that works than. It's just wierd for me being on a writing site that no one writes on except for contests and stuff. I know people have things they're not posting but holy crap, I've only got like a quarter of my stuff up - I'm always attached to a pen though...*shrug*

2008-03-29 [Annie]: How so? I mean, what gave you the impression that we only write for contests? I think most of us write in things other than contests. I only have a tiny amount of my stuff up as well...I only put up the things I'm particularly happy with. A writer is always writing, even if only in their head.

2008-03-29 [bloody kisses]: Good point, I'm just used to sites where everyone puts most of their stuff up and says "Hey, is this messed up, or is that just me?" Instead of only posting things that aren't meant for a lot of eyes anyways. I'm not trying to be any sort of rude of course, sorry if I'm being blunt - just an observation that a lot of people on here don't post a lot that aren't contest entries.

2008-03-29 [Eleanor]: I think many people post stuff exactly as you say, [bloody kisses], looking for feedback. It's just very difficult to give constructive criticism without treading on toes (or egos), so many don't bother. We really need better forums for doing that, moderated ones. This could be an idea for the staff to hash out.

2008-03-29 [Annie]: I think people have just realized that there isn't really a good medium for that here and that people aren't particularly responsive when you try to do it. Wikipages aren't the best for it and the forums are kind of complicated. It's most convenient to put your most recent piece up in your announcement on your page, but that doesn't always/usually get it any comments or critiques. There's also the problem of the size of your file name...unless you make it fairly short, it won't fit in your announcement, then you have to just tell people in a few words, and they're not usually going to go digging for it.
Between what Eleanor said (offending people) and the difficulty of posting your work, I think people just don't try.

2008-03-29 [bloody kisses]: But that's one thing about writersco I like, is that it's hard to offend people here because it's so small - thus community - it's like a family in a way. Sure we piss eachother off every so often, but that doesn't mean it didn't help in some way!

2008-03-29 [RiddleRose]: not to change the subject or anything... but i'm just giving a reminder to people that the deadline is in two days! (depending on your time zone i suppose) any last-minute entries should be in before then, because on April first the mainpage poll goes up, voting commences, and the feature status switches over to five words, another excellent monthly contest. cheers!

2008-04-02 [RiddleRose]: thanks to whoever changed the feature notice!

next challenge up in a minute... there you go!

2008-04-02 [AuroraLumos]: Yay ^_^ drabbles are so much fun! :D

2008-04-02 [RiddleRose]: good! that was fast! spring is making you sprightly i see!

2008-04-02 [AuroraLumos]: yush *springs around the room*

2008-04-10 [AuroraLumos]: It's the 10th of april and I'm still the only entry!
CRAZY! I suppose last month the entries did pile in at the last few days. ^_^ I like to get things done before I forget though.

2008-04-11 [RiddleRose]: yeah, it's usually pretty slow... last month was exciting because we were featured. :)

2008-04-11 [AuroraLumos]: Ok ^_^ well I'm going to keep doing them because they're fun :D
I don't care if I win or not XD

2008-04-11 [bloody kisses]: Haha same here Aurora ^.^

*hugs for all even though I'll always lose!!*

2008-04-11 [AuroraLumos]: *hugs* YAY

2008-04-11 [Annie]: If you keep telling yourself that you suck at writing, you will only convince yourself that it's true. If you just write and don't make any opinions, you can only get better. Writing is like any other thing, you practice and it improves.

2008-04-11 [AuroraLumos]: We aren't saying we suck... we are just saying we don't particularly care if we win or not ^_^ we just like to take part.

2008-04-16 [RiddleRose]: yay! three entries!

2008-04-16 [bloody kisses]: I'm going to try and write something today during class.

2008-04-16 [AuroraLumos]: YAY! ^_^

2008-04-27 [bloody kisses]: I did a poem, that works right?

2008-04-27 [RiddleRose]: yup, as long as it fits the requirements.

2008-04-27 [bloody kisses]: Sweet

2008-05-12 [WordFlower]: ...Is the February-March challenge actually going to be judged at some point, or no?

2008-05-12 [AuroraLumos]: lol yea it's now half way through may XD

2008-05-13 [RiddleRose]: oh bloody hell. sorry guys, i've been in a play and i literally haven't turned my computer on in about a week. you wouldn't believe the email buildup, it's ridiculous... sometime this week, as soon as i have a moment, i promise to judge. i promise i love you even though i neglect you terribly! 

(the february-march challenge was being voted on in the mainpage poll, since it was the community-wide featured contest for those months. i believe the results are up now, you should check! i haven't yet... /guilt/)

2008-05-13 [AuroraLumos]: ^_^ we don't mind really :D (well I don't... I just like to mess with peoples heads XD)

2008-05-13 [RiddleRose]: cruel cruel... i'm judging now!

2008-05-13 [RiddleRose]: alrighty folks! have fun with this one, i'm looking forward to seeing how you interpret it. as usual, congrats to everyone, and enjoy the beginning of summer! that is, if you're somewhere where summer is almost here, like me!

2008-05-15 [AuroraLumos]: ooooo excitement ^_^ NEW CHALLENGE!
may be a bit later with this one than the previous >< damn exams. but I'm afraid they must come first :(

2008-05-15 [RiddleRose]: foolishness! exams are stupid. >.>

i shouldn't talk, i don't have exams...

2008-05-16 [AuroraLumos]: lol anyone can say exams are stupid. because that is what they are!
I haven't got any exams for a few days (well... till tuesday) so I will most likely get it done this weekend (or even this afternoon! depends how I feel ^_^)

2008-05-16 [bloody kisses]: Ugh. My end of course test is today. I'm freaked...oh, and above all that, MY ENGLISH TEACHER IS LEAVING!!! She's not coming back =/ I know she always wanted to go to law school, but I thought she was going to stay teaching...Well yeah. Oh and no matter what I am getting one up for this. School alsot ends tuesday, so that prolly won't be that hard lol.

2008-05-16 [AuroraLumos]: cool for you ^_^ my exams finish on the 2nd june so if I don't get one up this weekend I wil probs get one up after then... :D I've started it
I normally do 2 or 3 and put the best up XD damn I'm weird

2008-05-16 [bloody kisses]: Nah, just creative enough to do 2 or 3. That's good ^.^ I just throw one together rofl.

2008-05-16 [AuroraLumos]: I always through my design stuff together, when I try and do it with writing it goes really pairshaped XD

2008-05-16 [bloody kisses]: Hehe, well...I dunno what to say about that haha.

2008-05-16 [AuroraLumos]: SQUEEE! I just notice I got third last month XD
lol I'm observant!

2008-05-16 [bloody kisses]: Haha, why yes you are ^.^ *hugs*

2008-05-18 [AuroraLumos]: I was being sarcastic but hey ^-^ lol
first in AGAIN!!! whoot! lol I enjoyed this one... It's really rally random but that's what I am XD <3

2008-05-19 [bloody kisses]: Lol yes, you remind me of my awesome sister. hehe

2008-05-19 [AuroraLumos]: ^_^

2008-05-20 [RiddleRose]: you guys are getting so good at limiting your word counts! 

also, jealousy, i get out of school the fifth of june, so i still have a ways to go and i am SO DONE. i want to be frolicking in meadows with not a care in the world RIGHT NOW. not dreading doing my french homework... X(

2008-05-21 [AuroraLumos]: X( not fun.... well when my exams finish on the 2nd June I have a week of frolicking and then I must return to prison.. erm school... until the 4th July >< GRARG!
then my summer hall be taken up with coursework.

2008-05-21 [bloody kisses]: ohhh funnn. That's just so awesome hun! *gag* Well, we all luff you ^.^

*hugs for all*

2008-05-22 [AuroraLumos]: *hugs back* XD

2008-05-22 [RiddleRose]: til july? WHYYYYY?????? THAT'S TERRIBLE!!!!! 

p.s. does anyone object to me ending this contest at the end of may, since we have so many entries already?

2008-05-22 [bloody kisses]: Nopers. I'd prefer it actually - anxiety of seeing if I actually win or not haha.^.^

2008-05-23 [AuroraLumos]: ^_^ I agree end it at the end of may ^_^ (and yes july is terrible but next year I'll be all done in the middle of may :D so I have that to look foreward to :D)

2008-05-24 [WordFlower]: I'm for ending it at the end of may too.

2008-05-27 [RiddleRose]: cool, i'll do that then

2008-06-02 [RiddleRose]: heyy... so i forgot one important factor about ending it in may.  this week is the last week of school for me, and then i'm heading out on a vacation for two weeks. do you want me to wait to judge until then, or would you prefer that i delegate judging responsibility to someone else?

2008-06-02 [AuroraLumos]: don't mind ^-^ it'd be nice to get it done though :D

2008-06-02 [bloody kisses]: Same ^.^

2008-06-03 [Annie]: I don't mind.

2008-06-24 [RiddleRose]: i apologize most profoundly oh wonderful contest-goers. i have been lax in my duties, but it's all judged now! as usual, there were a whole lot of fantastic entries! thank you all so much for entering, and then being patient while i was a flake. 

on another not, i thought i'd try something new for the challenge. if you hate it, i won't do it again, i promise, but i thought it would be interesting to play with other aspects of writing than just subject matter and creativity.

2008-06-24 [AuroraLumos]: ooooo this one's hard ^-^ but I shall try
you are forgiven for late judging ^-^

2008-06-29 [AuroraLumos]: *sniffles* I can't think of anything for this one >< (yet... I'm sure I will come up with some sort of randomness eventually... rrrrrrrrrr)

2008-06-29 [bloody kisses]: This one's hard !!!

2008-07-01 [Anninja]: I totally don't hate it:)

2008-07-01 [AuroraLumos]: I like it... I like it a lot.. just makes me really think at a time where I don't have time to ><... designing and building the sets for school productions is a lot more stressful than it is first made out to be XD

2008-07-02 [bloody kisses]: Aww, but if you ever need hugs you know where to come runnin!!! *opens her arms widely* =^.^=

2008-07-02 [AuroraLumos]: YAY! *runs to huggle*

2008-07-02 [bloody kisses]: ^.^ See!!!

2008-07-02 [AuroraLumos]: heehee I have a huggle obsession... I'll huggle anyone and everyone!

2008-07-03 [bloody kisses]: kewl

2008-07-04 [Ash]: It's too much love!

2008-07-05 [bloody kisses]: THERE'S NEVER TOO MUCH LOVE MATEY!!!

2008-07-05 [Ash]: There is.... way too much... we need at least one guy in here!

2008-07-06 [AuroraLumos]: we love the love :D

2008-07-06 [bloody kisses]: Yesss, we really dooo ^.^

2008-07-06 [Ash]: But, I'm not into Yuri...

2008-07-06 [AuroraLumos]: O.o we're just huggling... don't you huggle your friends?

2008-07-07 [Ash]: No, I pick them up and carry them away until I feel like putting them down, I'm a fourth level barbarian.

2008-07-07 [AuroraLumos]: lol ok.

2008-07-07 [Ash]: Did you get that joke?

2008-07-08 [bloody kisses]: rofl NICE okies then...

2008-07-08 [AuroraLumos]: oooh... sorry XD yea I do now...
heehee *thwacks self on head with a big stick* duuhh me be stupid ><

2008-07-09 [Ash]: I'm surprised, D&D's slowing coming into the mainstream...

2008-07-10 [AuroraLumos]: 102 is the best I could do, my brain is officially broken ><
I can't think of anything! I can't even to my maths without looking at my notes! damn summer holidays >< they're a bad influence XD

2008-07-10 [Ash]: It's okay, summers hard on most of us.

2008-08-03 [AuroraLumos]: ooo third! I'm having a third summer this summer :D every horse show I've been to me and Cez have only gotten 3rds so far XD
next year I'm going for all seconds... lol

This months challenge is a hard one again... best get that brain box in gear XD

2008-08-03 [Ash]: I totally have this one in the bag, thank you theo!

2008-08-16 [RiddleRose]: haha, lazy lazy, just think lazy! august is usually a lazy month... though this august is rather spoiling that by raining ALL THE TIME. it's been raining for three bloody weeks. this is ridiculous!

2008-08-16 [bloody kisses]: Ick, that sucks. It's nice an shiny here. But I think we're going to go back into drought haha. Fun fun.

2008-08-16 [AuroraLumos]: It's chucking it down... all we want is a nice july and august and we don't really care about the rest

2008-08-16 [bloody kisses]: Haha, But I like rain. I'll trade you! We might be getting storms here soon. I hate living on the coast. Texas was so much better.

2008-08-17 [Ash]: Send your rain to me, it hasn't rained in five days, we need some, everythings drying out.

2008-08-17 [AuroraLumos]: there's pleanty of rain to share.... not as much as in northern ireland though... Half of Belfast is flooded :S

2008-08-17 [bloody kisses]: Ick, that doesn't sound too wonderful

2008-08-17 [AuroraLumos]: not really >.< it's not that bad here... but we haven't really had any summer... it's a really long autumn XD

2008-08-18 [bloody kisses]: I like autumn, so that's pretty nice lol

2008-08-31 [bloody kisses]: So is one posting?

2008-09-01 [Calann]: I have plans to. <_<

2008-09-01 [AuroraLumos]: and me >.< I've been partying too much so I'm currently sleeping... I'll have to either do it today or tomorrow or I may not get it done >.<
(school induction day tomorrow :D YAY!)

2008-09-01 [bloody kisses]: Lol, well plan to do it soon!

2008-09-02 [Ash]: I'll get to it in a second.

2008-09-02 [bloody kisses]: hehe, wow. Everyone's so slow now.

2008-09-02 [Ash]: Yeah, well I'm sickly and I can't be on the computer long, you want me to participate pay for my penicillin!

2008-09-03 [RiddleRose]: i hope you feel better soon [Ash]! as usual, i will wait for three entries to judge...

2008-09-03 [Calann]: I'm starting uni and moved to live on my own only a bit over a week ago, so I've a lot to wrap my brain around :P But I'll try to come up with something by tomorrow.

2008-09-03 [Ash]: You better! *shakes fist* Thanks riddle, it's just a medication mix up, have to switch times so now my bodys like wtf?

2008-09-15 [Ash]: 101 - 100 - 99, is anybody else seeing a pattern in entries?

2008-09-15 [Aureus Moonrise]: Hahaha! That would be funny if it continued. =)

2008-09-15 [Ash]: Seriously, someone write an 98.

2008-09-15 [AuroraLumos]: lol

2008-09-15 [Ash]: *waits* come on, just a funny entry! it'd be freaking hilarious!

2008-09-15 [AuroraLumos]: I'll give one a go XD (it'll be crap and pointless... but it will be 98 words! lol)

2008-09-15 [Ash]: LOVE YOU! *hugs*

2008-09-16 [RiddleRose]: yay!!! entries! plus cool coincidences!

2008-09-17 [Aureus Moonrise]: Haha.. that would limit the amount of entries..

2008-09-18 [Ash]: You know, as is we all get badges :P

2008-09-19 [Aureus Moonrise]: True!! That's awesome. But I'm going to try to make a 97 word entry. =)

2008-09-19 [Aureus Moonrise]: Uh-oh. My link isn't working right... o.o And I can't fix it...

2008-09-20 [Ash]: you can't have " in your address, we figured it out on another thing. You'll have to re name it.

2008-09-21 [Aureus Moonrise]: Oh. Thankies =)

2008-09-21 [Ash]: Yep.

2008-09-24 [RiddleRose]: oh man! someone write a 98 word entry!!

2008-09-25 [Ash]: We need one... so badly just to make my day.

2008-09-25 [Eloura]: I Will!

2008-09-26 [RiddleRose]: YAY ELOURA!

2008-09-28 [Eloura]: Cha!!!

2008-09-28 [Aureus Moonrise]: Yay!! Go Eloura!!

2008-09-28 [Ash]: Now if you'd only get it up.

2008-09-29 [Eleanor]: Tada! I liked this challenge.

2008-09-30 [Aureus Moonrise]: Lol Glad you did! Right on one hundred, too!

2008-10-01 [RiddleRose]: winners posted! congratulations everyone! have fun with october!

2008-10-01 [Aureus Moonrise]: Woohoo! Good job Eleanor! And Ash!

2008-10-03 [Eleanor]: Gosh! Golly! Thanks guys!

2008-10-03 [Aureus Moonrise]: Hahaha!

2008-10-27 [RiddleRose]: [Catalyst] is feeling very lonely... i can has entriez plz??

2008-10-27 [Ash]: I'll get one up in a jiffy.... um.. corn bread...

2008-11-03 [RiddleRose]: corn bread is an acceptable excuse.

one more entry????? pretty please with extra halloween candy on top???

2008-11-03 [Aureus Moonrise]: One more, but it's late...

2008-11-05 [bloody kisses]: [RiddleRose] I haven't been paying attention lol, when will this close?

2008-11-06 [RiddleRose]: since it's nanowrimo, and i'm applying ot college, i'll extend it to the end of november... so you have lots of time!

2008-11-07 [bloody kisses]: Oh awesome ^.^ I'll prolly get something done then ;)

2009-06-13 [RiddleRose]: so i finally remembered to judge this. apologies for the extremely long wait. this challenge will finish at the end of july, assuming i have three entries or more! writers, go!

2009-06-13 [Ash]: Alright, hey, I'll put this on the front page if I can get my nephew off my lap sometime soon. I'm afraid I might have to give him my ipod...

2009-06-23 [Akane; Il Sangue Bevitore]: Drabbles, eh? Sounds like fun.

2010-10-21 [Sabrina Catherine]: Nobody is here anymore :(

2010-10-25 [Annie]: Oh how I miss Drabbles...

2010-10-26 [Ash]: Then someone contact Riddle, if she doesn't want it anymore then someone can take it over.

2010-10-26 [Annie]: This is an excellent idea...-goes to check last time Riddle was on- 476 days ago...hmm...maybe someone should just take it as the interim owner until she returns, if she ever returns.

2010-10-26 [Ash]: I'll be glad to take over. I'll get started soon, leaving her as owner. I'll try to get a hold of her as well.

2010-10-26 [Annie]: Awesomeness! I can't wait! ^_^

2010-10-26 [Ash]: I'll have to check through elftown later, she deleted most of her stuff on her account.

2010-11-06 [Sabrina Catherine]: Yeah.... I vanished for a long time too :'( but I'm back now!!

2010-11-06 [Annie]: Haha, welcome to the party...I think a lot of us vanished...but we're back. :D ^_^

2010-11-07 [Ash]: Sweet! This contest ends December 12th, plenty 'o time!

2011-01-06 [Kaimee]: Oops, I missed this one, when are you running the next one Ash?

2011-01-12 [Ash]: Yeah, expect it soon.

2011-03-15 [Calann]: *prod*

2011-03-17 [Ash]: Why did you prod?

2011-03-17 [Annie]: Must...enter...

2011-03-17 [Calann]: Because I imagine that the definition must have changed :P It's not February anymore, and it's definitely not January.

2011-03-17 [Ash]: Yeah, I'll get to updating...

2011-05-08 [Akayume]: *watches*

2011-09-18 [Product of a Primal Urge]: I'm new here, quick question- when I put in an entry, do I post it here with a new link (826.title.drabbles etc) or do I make the story in my writings with that title and put the link here? Sorry if that's a confusing question...

2011-09-18 [Annie]: You'll need to first create the page in your writings. Once that's done, the link you need will be right at the top of the page you created. You can copy that and reference it on this wiki page by writing [ 826.blahblah @ writings ] minus all the spaces. :) Does that help? Just click edit at the bottom of this wiki page to open it up and put in your link.

2011-09-18 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Okay, thanks! I'll try it out and get something posted tonight.

2011-09-20 [Product of a Primal Urge]: There, hope I did it correctly. :D

2011-09-24 [Ash]: Thanks Product, I'll get to judging tonight when I'm home from work!

2011-09-26 [Product of a Primal Urge]: You're welcome!

The winner this month is: [Product of a Primal Urge]! His entry not only covered all aspects of this challenge, but also evoked some emotion, something I found lapse in the other two entries. In second place is [Eleanor]! Her piece is filled with imagery and excellent use of all three items. In third place is [Annie]! I found this piece to make me wonder who would be buying the fish bowl... It seems like something I would do. :)

Congrats to all!

2011-09-26 [Product of a Primal Urge]: :] Thank you [Ash]. Also, I liked your entries [Eleanor] and [Annie]!

2011-09-26 [Eleanor]: Thanks. It was fun. I love trying to say a lot with very few words.

2011-09-26 [Annie]: Haha :)

2011-09-27 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Yeah, it can be a big challenge. Have you ever been to they give you a word and you have sixty seconds to write to it. I'm not too involved there, but sometimes it at least makes me write something/anything.

2011-09-30 [Ash]: I could so do that...

I got 'half'

There was half a glass of milk on the counter next to the newspaper. A dwindling cigarette butt sat in the glass holder in the center of the table. ‘He’s going…’ She said in her head. She looked out the window and saw the dust kick up through the blinds.

2011-09-30 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Everyone gets the same word. You get one word every 24 hours :D

I wrote this for half:
I stayed on my half of the bed, just staring as you lie away reading in the dim light of one bedside lamp. I watched your eyes start to fall shut as your brain was sinking into dreams that had nothing to do with the essay you were reading. I watched your lips silently forming each letter, caught in a gape when you were treading back over the same sentence to seek meaning. I stayed on my half only until you put the paper down.

2011-09-30 [Eleanor]: I got "romantic" and embarrassingly submitted my entry with a typo. Drats! So unlike me. I've corrected it here.

"It's so romantic," thought Michelle. She laid out the frilly negligé on her bedspread and thought about all the times she had brought it on trips and never worn it. This time, she vowed, would be different. She folded it up carefully and packed it in her overnight bag. Josh would notice her. He would. She could practically taste it.

2011-09-30 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Aw, typos happen. It's okay :D

Ooh, I love "She could practically taste it" [Eleanor].
And "dwindling cigarette", [Ash].

I have something like this going on my Action Writing page, if anyone is interested. This page specifically: ActionWriting: Give me a word

2011-10-01 [Ash]: Well, while everyone is still commenting on this... ENTER DRABBLES! :D

2011-10-01 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Will do :)

2011-10-02 [Annie]: It feels so warm and cozy to see all the updates about page changes and comments on WC again. :}

2011-10-05 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Oh, so do I just snag the First Place badge for my house from winning the last round?

2011-10-05 [Annie]: Yep, just write <* img* :* stuff/drab-badge1.gif > in your description, minus the spaces and stars. :)

2011-10-05 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Alrighty! I didn't want to just grab it if I wasn't supposed to :D

2011-10-05 [Annie]: Haha, no worries. Most contests are that way around here. :)

2011-10-05 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Ah cool. Are you going to join this one again?

2011-10-06 [Annie]: I should be able to get one in later this month, looks like it doesn't close until the 31st so I think I can make it. :)

2011-10-06 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Cool :D

2011-10-12 [Ash]: Come on, three more entries!!!!

2011-10-16 [Ash]: Two more!!!

2012-09-25 [RiddleRose]: Hi there anyone who still comes here! It feels like a bit of a wasteland now. [Ash] I am so flattered that you kept my silly little contests after I disappeared into the real world. I do love me some writing prompts! Anyway, I doubt anyone will read this for at least six months, but hello all! I miss the old days, when men were strong, women were beautiful, and the comments on pages updated every few minutes...

2012-09-25 [Eleanor]: I still log in from time to time. I'm also still depositing writing here as a backup for my own computer. I wish there was something we could do to bring the place back to life.

2012-10-27 [Annie]: Same!

2012-11-01 [Ash]: Hi all, sorry I've been off fiddling with my own life. RiddleRose, you created such awesome contests we wanted to keep them going. :)

2015-04-12 [Sabrina Catherine]: hello? Can anybody hear me?

2015-04-21 [Ash]: OMG HI! I just randomly logged in and saw notifications. I haven't heard from anyone on here in forever.

2016-11-06 [Sabrina Catherine]: In scared I'll lose all my writing if the activity doesn't go back up.....

2021-02-04 [Sabrina Catherine]: I'm still here is anyone else is.

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