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Finally. Results are at: Sin of Lust Results.

Sin of Lust

A Free to Write contest

Hosted by [Emily]


The following content is for the mature and able-minded only. If you feel you are incapable of keeping a mature attitude, or feel this is inappropriate to you, please do not read on any further.


The sin of Lust. One of the seven deadly sins... but is it really that deadly? I'd like to see a story based around this theme. It may be sexual/eroticism (with a warning label, of course), or just a conversation between certain characters about the sin. It is your choice.



- If there is 'inappropriate' content in your story, I will require you to please label a warning before the story.

- Any length is fine.

- Please no hardcore porn. (What is 'HDP'?.)

- Keep it within the theme of Lust.

- Deadline has not been determined, but it will be around mid-February.



Use this exercise to test how well you are at describing the emotions of others, how they feel, or how they can relate to others. Take this opportunity to make your characters more round and be able to interact freely with other characters.


Scoring and Info

As usual, scoring will be judged by spelling, grammar, content, and how well you related to the theme. The more powerful your written piece is emotionally (and not necessarily to turn someone on), the higher your points will be.

- Story form will be more preferable to poetry form, but poetry is fine, too.

- Original work only, please copyright.

- Spellcheck, grammar, the regular will help you in points or harm you in points, depending on how you use this godly power.

For an example, please see 252.Explicit Erotica.Venus Girl



I will read any story of yours of any length within a given amount of time. I'm working on shiny badges.



Name and link to your story needs to be provided here.

1. [fanfic_addict04] - 295.ContestEntry
2. [SleepingDragon] - 268.Erotica.Heavy Metal Love
3. [Kuzco] - 212.FTW.Sin of Lust.contest entry
4. [Fuzzysabeast] - 282.Erotic Stories.A Night to Remember (Warning: Heavy adult content. Read at your own risk.)
5. [iippo] - 207.Letters.Lust
6. [~solitaire~] - 332.Forbidden, not Forgotten

If you plan to participate, please put your name here.

1. [SleepingDragon]
2. [Kuzco]
3. [fanfic_addict04]
4. [iippo]
5. [Fuzzysabeast]
6. [~solitaire~]

Thank you [Mister Saint] for the Dividers from WritersCo Graphics!

Back to Free to Write.

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2006-02-21 [Fuzzysabeast]: And one for all!

2006-02-21 [iippo]: Arrite. Meep, comparing to the other ones, it's not that lusty... >.O

2006-02-21 [Kuzco]: 'tis done! I guess there IS such a thing as group pressure ;)

2006-02-21 [iippo]: There indeed is XD

2006-02-21 [SleepingDragon]: coola boola. Should I read it or would you rather I didn't? (refering to your house wishes)

2006-02-21 [SleepingDragon]: BTW 268.Metal Daze is the new project I mentioned before. Still in progress but 4 chapters are up

2006-02-21 [iippo]: Letters are safe readery :3 It's the rants that I'm sensitive about. But thanks for asking. *glomps*

2006-02-26 [~solitaire~]: Hmm! I would like to submit an entry! I hope im not too late!!

2006-02-26 [~solitaire~]: There we go! I managed to write a short story based on the theme.. do let me know what you all think!!

2006-03-06 [~solitaire~]: Hey.. dudes? Anyone out there??

2006-03-07 [Fuzzysabeast]: Yeah some of us are here but not too many people come here too often. This contest has been up for like two months now. Most of us have done our writing and have nearly forgotten about them.*smiles*

2006-03-07 [iippo]: Well, suppose the contest could close if no one else plans on entering?

2006-03-07 [Fuzzysabeast]: I would hope that maybe it would.

2006-03-07 [~solitaire~]: That sounds nifty! I mean.. assuming [Emily] is ok with it...

2006-03-08 [Fuzzysabeast]: Maybe we should all get in touch with [Emily] and bug her about it...?

2006-03-08 [~solitaire~]: Is she prone to killing people on sight? If not, then let's poke her a few times! ^_^

2006-03-08 [Fuzzysabeast]: Poke away, she shouldn't attack you

2006-03-09 [fanfic_addict04]: I'm here! still, lol. I thought I was too late for the end of the contest...but emily hasn't even put it up!

2006-03-17 [Nightshadow]: Hi there, kids. I know this contest is running long...I have a message out to [Font] inquiring as to [Emily]'s whereabouts, since they chat a bit. We'll see from there...she may very well be on Spring Break and somesuch, and got bogged down by tests immediately before. :) It's a bit early to perform a hostile takeover considering that the contest never had a hard deadline...but if it's still running in a month, I'd be happy to facilitate closing it and rounding up some judges. Again, no one assume just yet that [Emily]'s abandoned you. Her net could be down or any number of other reasonable explanations.

2006-03-18 [Emily]: I haven't abandoned anyone!! -flapflap-. I've finished judging and am posting the results shortly. As for an excuse of my absence, I will make a diary post.

2006-03-19 [Kuzco]: Welcome back Emily :). Great contests, congrats everyone, great entries.

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