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Free to Write (FTW), is an organization that was inspired by Flipside. Flipside is a place to hold contests and participate in contests, but it is more tuned for staying appropriate for all audiences. Though this is to no disrespect to Flipside (a great place to hold and host fun contests!), FTW was created for writers with more 'adult' tastes, to hold contests, to participate in contests, and talk about any troubles they might have with writing adult content.


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[Emily] has declared herself Administrator of Free to Write. Questions about this wiki, for the moment, should be directed to her. Also refer to [Mister Saint] if you have questions about Flipside.

Special thanks to [NightHawk] for creating the banner (with a bunch of babble, ain't that cool!), and to [Mister Saint] for the temporary dividers from WritersCo Graphics.


Featured Contests

Revenge by Kuzco.

An excellent choice of contest by [Kuzco]. Use your imagination and make your readers shiver in delight.

Picture Perfect by [Aeolynn]

Take a look at a picture and write some contemplative words on it. This is a good exercise for new writers looking to practice word choice skills.

Sin of Lust by [Emily].

This contest details the sin of Lust. See here for more details.

100 Words Winners by [Emily]

Moved from Flipside.

Absolute Horror by [SleepingDragon]

Be creative. Spook us! BOO!


Also more thanks to [Mister Saint] for letting me use the Flipside layout for this wiki.

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2006-01-21 [Kuzco]: first step's taken. Now you just have to get better. ;)

2006-01-22 [Emily]: Post some stuff, [SleepingDragon], I'll be glad to comment and put in some perspective on anything you want me to. You can also try reading some of my current erotica up if you think it will help.

2006-01-22 [SleepingDragon]: I read your erotica [Emily]. Yes, that was very helpful in steering me in the right direction. I'd also like to recommend that anyone else interested check out your "He Wore a Mask" story. It's very nice.

2006-01-22 [Kuzco]: It is right? Liked it a lot too :P

2006-01-23 [Emily]: Aw, thanks so much. Make sure to send me some reminders to read your stuff -- I'll forget and that is bad! =(

2006-01-23 [Aeolynn]: Can I host a contest where the writers write a story from a picture?

2006-01-23 [Emily]: As long as the picture is appropriate (nothing hardcore porn, please), then I do not see why not. And as long as it fits within the rules (meaning no celebrity photos and nothing that you don't have permission to use.)

2006-01-23 [Aeolynn]: okiday, btw, im mormon.... porn just is wrong and against my religion... so dont worry bout it  ^_^

2006-01-23 [Emily]: Well cheers to ya, matey :) ... kind of makes me wish my other Mormon friends would take that into account. But you guys have something against ice tea, right?

2006-01-23 [Kuzco]: Ice tea? That's intriguing, never heard about that.

2006-01-23 [Emily]: Some friends of mine and an ex are all Mormon... I read the Book of Mormon but I don't remember anything about ice tea being bad. But... yeah, they aren't allowed to drink ice tea as far as I know.

2006-01-23 [Emily]: I think it's 'cause ice tea and caffienated and they aren't allowed to have caffienated drinks... because caffiene is a stimulant and they aren't allowed to have stimulants. ... not sure why...

2006-01-23 [Kuzco]: Well..."We were created by god, we're his creations and are what we are, like he made us" maybe a stimulant or adictive product may have some contradition with that unwavering rule. I dunno, socially I only know catholics (in the whole portugal, there's atheist and catholics, mostly catholics obviously.) so I can't be sure. How about it Sphinx? May you exlain? I'm curious :P

2006-01-23 [Aeolynn]: We cant have 'hot drinks' which include coffee, tea/ice tea with caffeine because yes, its a stimulant, and also because its addicting. Although it is to our dissgression whether or not we can have it in pop.

2006-01-23 [Kuzco]: alrighty then. :) thanks

2006-01-24 [SleepingDragon]: I'm agnostic so I can drink anything. I just wonder what to drink next :D

2006-01-24 [Emily]: Green tea is always good.

2006-01-24 [Aeolynn]: personally, i'll take orange juice anyday, no pulp >.<

2006-01-24 [Kuzco]: Water, Ice tea or fruit juice yeah, no other drinks will ever see my stomach :P. I've drank Green tea btw, i like it but it works as laxative on me...for some reason. :S

2006-01-24 [Aeolynn]: lol

2006-01-24 [Emily]: I like really high pulp in my orange juice. More vitamins from that and it gives me something to chew o.o. And be entertained with... Green tea also helps me with any tummy aches. It's just cleaning out your system, and it'll usually do that if it's good kind of green tea. It goes away after a while. I had green tea ice cream the other day... it was... interesting.

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