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Free to Write (FTW), is an organization that was inspired by Flipside. Flipside is a place to hold contests and participate in contests, but it is more tuned for staying appropriate for all audiences. Though this is to no disrespect to Flipside (a great place to hold and host fun contests!), FTW was created for writers with more 'adult' tastes, to hold contests, to participate in contests, and talk about any troubles they might have with writing adult content.


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[Emily] has declared herself Administrator of Free to Write. Questions about this wiki, for the moment, should be directed to her. Also refer to [Mister Saint] if you have questions about Flipside.

Special thanks to [NightHawk] for creating the banner (with a bunch of babble, ain't that cool!), and to [Mister Saint] for the temporary dividers from WritersCo Graphics.


Featured Contests

Revenge by Kuzco.

An excellent choice of contest by [Kuzco]. Use your imagination and make your readers shiver in delight.

Picture Perfect by [Aeolynn]

Take a look at a picture and write some contemplative words on it. This is a good exercise for new writers looking to practice word choice skills.

Sin of Lust by [Emily].

This contest details the sin of Lust. See here for more details.

100 Words Winners by [Emily]

Moved from Flipside.

Absolute Horror by [SleepingDragon]

Be creative. Spook us! BOO!


Also more thanks to [Mister Saint] for letting me use the Flipside layout for this wiki.

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2006-01-16 [Kuzco]: Hey there Emily, looks like I'm the first to host. Hope it's a fairly good one I came up with. :)

2006-01-21 [SleepingDragon]: I'm hoping this wiki will help me push the envelope a little bit. I'm good at beating around the bush sometimes and can also go way over the top (as in porn, etc) but to really challenge the boundaries of normal reading levels or whatever is something I feel I could be better at

2006-01-21 [Kuzco]: first step's taken. Now you just have to get better. ;)

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