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Hosted by [Annie]


Welcome to Five Words



October-February 2011/2012

Watch out for sneaky words!
Your words are:



1.[Catalyst] - 723.5WordsContest.December20011
2.[Sabrina Catherine] - 479.Country Ablaze


June-October Winners

After two very rough weeks of exams, sickness, and car troubles, I was finally able to get to judging Five Words! Thank you everyone for your participation; I loved reading your writings. As always, I have rated each of your pieces. Here are the winners! Congratulations and hope to see you all in the next round!
1st [Sabrina Catherine] 479.Contest Entries- Five Words August 2011
I laughed so hard when I saw how you used the word furbish--major flashback. Although it wasn't my intention, it was so creative I had to give you first!
2nd [Eleanor] 668.Contest entries.Five Words.August 2011
3rd [Product of a Primal Urge] 826.five words contest august 2011








The Rules

This contest is simple. It is designed to test your ability to find commonality among five seemingly unrelated words.

It is your job to take these five words (chosen at random), and place them all in a single, coherent paragraph.

1. The paragraph must make sense. It cannot be each word strung together to form a sentence or each word placed in sentences that are unrelated to each other.

2. All the words must be contained in one paragraph (defined as 3-5 sentences in most English classes).

3. The words do not need to be placed in any specific order.

4. The words must remain in the same tense in which they are presented.

5. Words from the word list must be written in bold in your paragraph for easy identification.

6. New writings only. No recycling old materials.

7. No plagiarism.

8. Minimal adult material please. I read all entries and I have a weak stomach. >.<
Judging will be based on how well the writer meets the above explained criteria. Contextually-correct, creative word usage will be the biggest portion of the ultimate decision. Obviously, spelling and grammar are an important part of judging. General coherence of your paragraph will be taken into consideration as well. Make sure it makes sense! Originality of subject and style will be counted. And remember...I refer to it as a paragraph, not a sentence or a couple sentences. Say as much as you can without making an entire short story!


An example of Five Words by our last first place winner [Sabrina Catherine]
479.Contest Entries- Five Words August 2011

Check out Five Words Winners List to see the winners from when [Po] was hostess.

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2007-05-02 [bloody kisses]: *nods* I fell in love when i started reading the description. It barley restricts you, just to the point of letting you choose your own topic, idea, genre. I really do love it. *is all sincere*

2007-06-01 [Laika]: I took the liberty to fix the linking to my entry. There was a space missing.

2007-06-01 [Annie]: oh..haha. thanks. :) oops.

2007-06-01 [Eleanor]: Congratulations to May’s winners. Well done!

2007-06-01 [pirate witch]: thanks!

2007-06-01 [Morningstar Rising]: congrats to the winners. 

2007-07-01 [Eleanor]: Whoa! I won! Thanks so much!

2007-07-01 [Kiddalee]: Is that "wind" as in "winding road" or "blowing wind"?

2007-07-01 [Annie]: oh thanks kiddalee, it's wind as it the wind outside that blows. ;)

2007-07-02 [Mordred]: Good. ._. That's what I took it to mean. Heh.

2007-07-02 [Morningstar Rising]: congrats winners, nice job.

2007-07-03 [Mordred]: Thanks. I actually placed in a contest. Yippee~

2007-08-01 [Annie]: Hey all, just a quick announcement:
I took out the request for you to not put your username by your entry because...the fact is, your name is at the top of your writing page. I can still see who wrote the piece, even if you didn't put your name by your entry. So, please go ahead and put your name by your entries now. You're all just going to have to trust that I judge in an unbiased and fair way. :P

2007-08-03 [Morningstar Rising]: congrats to the winners.

2007-08-11 [Eleanor]: Thanks a bunch, guys.

2007-09-02 [Mordred]: *Dances* Almost time for the next contest! Can't wait to see what September's words will be. ^_^

2007-09-05 [Morningstar Rising]: Congrats, nicely done,.

2007-09-06 [Eloura]: I've missed so much....

2007-09-06 [Mordred]: Thanks, [Morningstar Rising]. The words this month were tricky. At least for me.

2007-09-07 [Annie]: lol, ya I was thinking they might be a little difficult when I looked back at them. But maybe fun.

2007-09-07 [Mordred]: It was fun! Though, I think I liked my August entry better. Heheh.

Speaking of entry, more people need to enter! We ought to spread the word a bit, don't you think?

2007-09-10 [Jenna Rose]: I might get an entry up, but I don't know. I haven't been able to write anything lately. v.v

2007-09-12 [Eleanor]: Ta da!

2007-09-13 [Mordred]: Yay, [Eleanor]! ^^ I like yours.

2007-09-13 [Eleanor]: Thanks!

2007-09-15 [Mordred]: Welcome. Heheh.

2007-09-24 [Mordred]: Is it me or is the contest really slow this month? ._.

2007-09-24 [Eleanor]: I think all of Writersco is really slow lately, myself included.

2007-09-25 [Morningstar Rising]: *laughs* Busy, busy, busy, so much to do and so little time to do it in. I am trying to write one for this month, I hope I get it done in time. You welcome [Mordred].

2007-09-25 [Annie]: I agree. Life happens, we all seem busy.

2007-09-25 [Mordred]: Mmhm. That's definitely true, [Annie].

2007-09-27 [Annie]: 4 entries, that's pretty good to me.

2007-09-27 [Mordred]: Yeah. ^^ Awesome. <3

2007-10-01 [Eleanor]: Thank you! I really liked this one.

2007-10-02 [Mordred]: This one was loads of fun, I agree. ^^

O.o Eep! I won. Wow.

2007-10-07 [Sabrina Catherine]: I hope mine qualifies.... *crosses fingers*

2007-10-07 [Annie]: It's a little might just add a little so that it's a paragraph and not just a couple sentences.

2007-10-08 [Sabrina Catherine]: ok, I'll work on it...

2007-10-15 [Eloura]: I have mine in! for once before a deadline.

2007-10-17 [RiddleRose]: my first five words entry in quite awhile! this one was fun!

2007-10-19 [Eloura]: Agreed!

2007-10-31 [Eloura]: *bounces up and down happily* Tomorrows the end of the contest

2007-10-31 [Eleanor]: Just under the wire. Phew!

2007-11-01 [Eloura]: *bounces slightly* Todays the day O.o And i'm glad for you Eleanor!

2007-11-01 [Annie]: lol, yep, today's the day! lol, wow, a lot of people wrote about Halloween. That wasn't a requirement you sillies. :P

2007-11-01 [Eleanor]: Wow! That was quick work. Congrats, everyone!

2007-11-01 [Annie]: Aye, it was. :P I'm efficient today.

2007-11-02 [RiddleRose]: whoa! -blinks- wasn't expecting that! thanks [Annie]! congrats everybody!

2007-11-02 [Morningstar Rising]: congrats all, sorry mine was not that good this time around, been so busy, have had very little time to write. *pulls hair*

2007-11-05 [Eloura]: Question for the word squish can we use squishy?

2007-11-05 [Annie]: Hm...I'm gonna have to say you need to stick with squish because of rule number 4. Although squishy isn't a different tense, it's the same spirit as switching the tense of a word. Sorry.

2007-11-05 [Eloura]: ok.

2007-11-05 [Sabrina Catherine]: booya! 2nd place! *dances* Ive been around europe and haven't had enough time to stop by and see the results. Woohoo!

2007-11-05 [Eleanor]: I have hereby contributed my contribution.

2007-11-14 [Annie]: Whee!

2007-12-03 [Annie]: Sorry everyone...I forgot to say...

DUE TO NANOWRIMO, this contest will continue for another month.

2007-12-03 [RiddleRose]: haha... yay nanowrimo! how'd everyone do? i did it! whee!!!

2007-12-04 [pirate witch]: I failed. Only got to 30 000. Next year!

2007-12-04 [Laika]: 50004 \o/ In Finnish. So..about..I dunno, ~70k worth of story in English? (The official equation is that for 50k in English you need to write ~30k in Finnish.)

2007-12-10 [Akayume]: *gasp!* I haven't been here n a long time. :0

2007-12-13 [Akayume]: Can we still enter?..

2007-12-14 [Annie]: Yep. :) This contest is going for two months this time due to NaNoWriMo.

2007-12-14 [Akayume]: Oh, alright. :D

2008-01-09 [Child of God]: ...when did we get those creepy new badges...?

2008-01-10 [Annie]: lol....

2008-01-10 [Calann]: Aww. They were nice, though a bit on the large side.

2008-01-11 [Annie]: Well I just made them for fun. I liked the idea of a little stick guy shouting out scribbles. It reminded me of Five Words. Doesn't matter.

2008-01-12 [Kiddalee]: oOoo. Looks like a good sized entry list this month.

2008-01-12 [Annie]: Ya, we have a couple newly active (if not new entirely) members, which is nice.

2008-01-15 [Kiddalee]: Welcome back, [Calann].

2008-01-15 [Calann]: Thanks. :P

2008-01-15 [Annie]: Ya, seems like you were gone for awhile! Yay for another active member coming back!

2008-01-15 [Calann]: Yeah... Real life happened, along with a long period of time when I didn't really write anything, aside from fanfiction. But it's good to be back. xD

2008-02-02 [Calann]: Holy shit! :O

2008-02-02 [Eleanor]: Hey, I came in second! Wow! I can hardly believe it.

2008-02-02 [Calann]: I think you should have come in first, but hey, [Annie]'s call...

2008-02-02 [Eleanor]: Aw, thanks Calann! That's sweet. I'll take whatever I get. They were all really good entries.

2008-02-03 [RiddleRose]: mmm... i think i like these words...

2008-02-04 [Annie]: Wow, that was fast.

2008-02-04 [Kiddalee]: It sure is refreshing to see an entry up so quick.

2008-02-04 [Sabrina Catherine]: heh.. that's me.... I never spend time, and therefore do a crappy job.

2008-02-06 [Candycane]: I can't really believe I'm the second It didn't exactly take long to come up with a I should probably edit and bold the required five words...xD

2008-02-06 [Annie]: lol...these seem to be pretty good words so far.

2008-02-06 [Candycane]: Oh, yeah. They are. I can't believe I came up with that strange horror story from those words! It's so I have yet to read the competition's stories. ;D I should get on that. XD lol

2008-02-06 [Calann]: Erm, the entry is supposed to be a paragraph...

2008-02-07 [Candycane]: Oh...woops. I'll fix that.

2008-02-07 [Candycane]: There. How's that for a paragraph? No worries. I saved my other story under Random in my writings. It's not lost. ;D

2008-02-07 [Annie]: lol, it's ok. I would have seen it when I did the judging, but now you're spared from being doc'd (is that how you spell it?) for having it longer than a paragraph.

2008-02-07 [Eleanor]: docked, as in shortening something, like a certain breed of dog's tail being docked.

2008-02-07 [Annie]: Ahhhh...I see. Now how did they turn that into stuff like docking points off of someone, etc.? That's very interesting!

2008-02-07 [Sabrina Catherine]: Docked also is a past tense for a boat coming back... "The boat docked in the harbor."

2008-02-08 [Eleanor]: When you dock something, you cut it short. So, taking points off someone means you dock them. The boat docking thing is a totally different meaning. That happens a lot in English.

2008-02-08 [Sabrina Catherine]: gotta love it ^^; Japanese has words though with totally different meanings.... Go... which is five... means to protect or something.... since in Bleach they say his name is the one protector, and ichi means one (of course) so... yeah...

2008-02-08 [Calann]: Go is also a board game. <3
Then there's 'kami'. Its three different meanings are 'hair', 'paper', and 'god/deity'. Of course, the different meanings have each their own kanji. :P

2008-02-08 [Sabrina Catherine]: kanji? I know I should know this word >.< Dang it... I need to talk to my cousin more... he lives in japan (tokyo) and he speaks/writes fluent japanese ^^; I'm so happy to be related to him (One of the few that I am happy to be related to).

2008-02-09 [Candycane]: Sounds like we went off on a tangent about more than one meaning to one word...yeah...Isn't "dock" a noun, too? (

2008-02-10 [Eleanor]: I hope my submission isn't too racy. It's February and I couldn't help myself.

2008-02-10 [Candycane]: You know...I kinda wish that this wasn't limited by a paragraph. It'd be interesting to see a full on story from those paragraphs. ;D I think it'd be far harder to pick a winner, though.

2008-02-10 [Kiddalee]: It's nice that it's only a paragraph, though, because it encourages the lazier entrants who don't want to write a whole story. Besides, I've taken one of my paragraphs and completed a full outline that is based on it. If I hadn't had that paragraph to start from...

2008-03-02 [Annie]: Here's some words for all of you who like to write "depressing" stuff. :)

2008-03-02 [Calann]: It's actually pretty hard to write depressing stuff from something that screams for it o_O Or maybe that's just me.
Or, hmm... it's harder to make it original.

2008-03-03 [Annie]: Well, this will challenge you then. :)

2008-03-16 [bloody kisses]: Hah! I have one for this months!!! I'm so proud of myself, it normally is hard to do these lol. I'm just glad it's only a paragraph ^.^ I'm too lazy to incorperate certain words into an entire story...

2008-03-18 [RiddleRose]: dude, [Calann] i love go! it totally got me through my math class... i played on a friend's laptop with him for days and days... and still got a B. it was a terrible class. (also, i think i lost every game... alas. someday, i shall improve)

2008-03-20 [Calann]: I think I need to write a better one later...

2008-03-27 [Laika]: So, a new set of rules will apply during February and March for a contest held in April? :D Shibby.

2008-03-27 [Annie]: Uh...ya ok I'm retarded. -changes it-     I copied and pasted from Drabbles.    >.>  <.<

2008-03-28 [RiddleRose]: haha... i thought the wording sounded familiar! i bequeath the featured-ness to you, oh successor of mine!

2008-03-29 [Annie]: will now be passed on from one feature to another. So let it be written, so let it be done! :P

2008-03-29 [bloody kisses]: Oh btw, you said 'not Picky Rule 9' and you do only have 8 rules...just pointing that one out...

2008-03-29 [Annie]: Ya, that's because I updated my rules AFTER I wrote that and one of the rules got swiped. that I'm officially an idiot twice, I will go change it. Although I'm sure you understood exactly what I was referring to since I said what it was about "no adult material." Check older versions of the page if you want to see why I called it rule number 9 in more clarity.

2008-03-29 [bloody kisses]: Lol yeah I know, just wanted to point that one out too. And nah, you're not and idiot. You just need to catch up with yourself. ^.*

2008-04-02 [Sabrina Catherine]: seriously? mine got first? and didn't I post that like two days ago? that was fast O.o

2008-04-02 [RiddleRose]: mm, i like these words. ^_^

2008-04-02 [bloody kisses]: Haha, many entires were there, four, right?

2008-04-03 [Annie]: Glad you like the words RiddleRose.

Yes, there were four entries.

2008-04-04 [bloody kisses]: Yesssssss I actually won SOMETHING. I've only gotten third and second when there were only two and three entries...

2008-04-05 [Annie]: lol, congrats.

2008-04-05 [bloody kisses]: *big hugs* Awesome, and I will get around to this run as well. Sooner or later lol.

2008-04-15 [Kiddalee]: Hooray! Advertised!

2008-05-21 [Aureus Moonrise]: Is the contest still going for April-May?

2008-05-22 [Annie]: Ya, it will end on the last day of this month. :)

2008-05-22 [Aureus Moonrise]: Okie!! Um.. can you explain how to post? like the whole Writings thing, please? I have no clue how it works..

2008-05-22 [Annie]: The guide to uploading writings is here: How do I upload my writing?. Read that first and give it a try. If you still have questions I'm happy to answer them.
I suggest when you start making subpages within your top index that you organize them in the types of writing you do like "short stories," "poetry," and "novels." People are turned off to reading your writings if they click on your writing page and find a completely unsorted enormous list of titles. They want to read poetry or they want to read short stories and they have to sift through like 30 pieces that are just titles and give no hints about what they are.
See my writings for an example. Under your top index create a subpage for each of the different genres of your writing. For short stuff like Five Words I have a Misc subpage, but you can do what you want. Then once you made those, pick the one you want to upload into and click on it. Once you're there, create another subpage within it that is the actual piece you're uploading. It's just like files on your computer.
Top Index
Five Words May

Hope that helps.

2008-06-04 [Annie]: Haha, that was fast. ;)

2008-06-04 [Firenze]: Aye, well I have some freetime this week whilst I am helping with the tutoring/revision scheme at my old secondary (good money too, lol)

2008-06-04 [Annie]: That's cool. :)

2008-07-02 [Aureus Moonrise]: Congradulations, [Firenze]!! You, too, [Ash]!!

2008-07-18 [Evolution X]: First contest I've entered... *smiles nervously and waves at everyone* Not expecting to win, just wanting to be a part of something.

2008-07-19 [Annie]: Well you came to the right place. ;) This is a nice, fun contest. Hopefully we'll get a few more entrants for the month.

2008-07-19 [Evolution X]: Otherwise I'll take all three places thank you *sneaks around with my sack for swiping, cackling evily*

2008-07-19 [Ash]: I'll get mine up in a minute... I'm being a delay fish.

2008-07-19 [Evolution X]: >_> Damn you and your... intelligence... and junk... stupid lack of sleep I cant even type properly.

2008-07-19 [Ash]: hehehe... It's because I practice, a lot. Nearly 6k words a day.

2008-07-19 [Evolution X]: what does K stand for again? *blinks sleepily*

2008-07-19 [Ash]: thousand.

2008-07-19 [Evolution X]: ah... how do you write six thousand words a day?

2008-07-19 [Ash]: very fast... fanfictions, I'm on a novel FF called Madara right now.

2008-07-19 [Evolution X]: Ah, alright ^_^ I never really write Fanfictions... it might offend fans.

2008-07-19 [Ash]: I don't worry about that because there's always a fan club with your veiws.

2008-07-19 [bloody kisses]: I write FanFic but I never post it anywhere. I've done a lot for Firefly...I wish they'd continue that show =/

2008-07-19 [Evolution X]: I've seen the firefly movie... but not the actual series episodes.

2008-07-19 [Ash]: I'd only watch it because it has the guy who played Hercules...

2008-07-20 [bloody kisses]: OMG that show is amazing!!! And we watched the movie and then the series, so I guess we kinda cheated, but we never knew about it before then lol.

2008-07-20 [Calann]: Two entries again, sorry xP

2008-07-20 [Annie]: lol, you're fine.

2008-07-20 [Ash]: I didn't know we could submit two, anyway, I wouldn't unless I have two ideas.

2008-07-20 [Evolution X]: Damn... there goes my chances of getting a badge T^T *pouts as I stare at all four entries*

2008-07-20 [bloody kisses]: Nonsense, I liked yours ^.^

And i was thinking just the same thing [Ash] lol

2008-07-21 [Ash]: Yeah, I say if it aint quality to win why try and double your chances.

2008-07-21 [Aureus Moonrise]: Wow, Calann, I like your first one. You did it extremely well. o.o

2008-07-21 [Calann]: Thanks :3

2008-07-21 [Evolution X]: That's why I say I fail T^T I've read all of them and mine is the worse... can you even pick up two places for yourself in this contest?

2008-07-21 [Annie]: You're allowed to submit two, but only one of them will get a place, even if they're both amazing, because...hypothetically, one person could turn in 3 pieces and have them all be amazing and get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and that just wouldn't be fun.

2008-07-21 [Ash]: See Evo, Annie makes things fair.

2008-07-21 [Evolution X]: Good good ^_^ So I at least have third.

2008-07-21 [Aureus Moonrise]: o.O Actually, I thought yours was pretty good.

2008-07-21 [Evolution X]: No its not... *scratches my head nervously* It was a stupid thought that popped in my head... if I hadn't done it then someone else would have thought that idea.

2008-07-22 [Ash]: I never would have thought of that idea, it makes too much sense.

2008-07-24 [Aureus Moonrise]: Exactly XD I had no clue how to put those words together until I read yours.

2008-07-24 [Evolution X]: Well... it helps that I once went to one of those things. >_< My grandfather is an ex marine and we went to an army base for the fiftyith anniversary of their creation I think.

2008-07-24 [Ash]: my father's a marine, but he's so kooky that would have never arisen

2008-07-25 [bloody kisses]: Lol Marines are the shiz. They fit into any conversation!

Meanwhile unless you are on an Air Force base - like myself - you don't find much to say about them, and you do more trash talking of pilots...*cough*

And no, I still have no idea for this round. I feel bad lol

2008-07-25 [Evolution X]: Honestly the only things I know about actual army conditions are from my grandfather... and watching too much MASH... Well my Grandfather mainly tells me funny stories like the time they all got drunk.

2008-07-26 [bloody kisses]: HAHA those are always the best.

With crew cheifs, they're the kids that grew up smart but didn't give a flyin' schmuck and ended up with the military as their only option. They drink a lot - when I was little they had poker night at our house.

We charged a quarter for every beer we got from the fridge - then when they got really drunk we stole their change off the table.

It was great...

But the USAF is actually a lot more laid back than most other branches.

2008-07-27 [Ash]: My dad was the one who sent the fly boys up in the air. He conducted the checks and instructed the lift off.

2008-07-27 [bloody kisses]: Oh nice. My dad just makes sure that what needs to be done in his section gets it done. Then he has to brief all the upper people. He's not too found of it, but better than his last job lol.

2008-07-27 [Evolution X]: Strange... my dad has something to do with airoplanes as well even though he's not in the army... He tests airoplanes and invents little pieces and designes for them.

2008-07-27 [Ash]: Aeronautics, you're dads an aeronuatics designer and specialist for the us army, I almost became one.

2008-07-27 [Evolution X]: That would be it... except not in the army.

2008-07-28 [Ash]: They have them in the army, the army has it's own set of planes, not only does the air force have them. Haven't you ever heard of the golden knights, the army air plane jumpers?

2008-07-28 [Evolution X]: nope... But my Dad works for Aerobus anyway; absolutely nothing to do with the army.

2008-07-28 [Ash]: Oh, i thought he was in the army, maybe it's BK's anyway... *poke and run away*

2008-07-29 [bloody kisses]: Air Force. Close enough I guess lol.

2008-07-29 [Ash]: then hell why'd i even go into the army...

2008-07-30 [bloody kisses]: I'm not too sure rofl

2008-07-30 [Evolution X]: *sits over in a corner cooking something in a large cauldron* I had to cook my own food again today... *lifts out the ladle and lets the thick liquid thud back into the metal pan* Im making pasta ^_^

2008-07-30 [Ash]: *pulls skull out of cauldron* What, Pasta of Human with a bit of Mint?

2008-07-30 [Evolution X]: It adds flavour... *grabs the skull and puts it back in* Also its to see how strong the pasta is, when the skull dissapears its ready. Also I enjoy it more with Garlic than mint.

2008-07-31 [Ash]: *tosses squirrel meat in* you'd be surpirsed how much the flavor will improve.

2008-07-31 [Evolution X]: I think there's some already in there... *fishes out a smaller skull* Nope, badger...

2008-08-01 [Ash]: Um, badger, some turtle and small chibi people would make a nice sauces.

2008-08-01 [bloody kisses]: So see, the best thing in the world to add is organic. That way it's all fake and you can add so much more spice when it's bland. And THEN you add in the bits of muscle, and if you need a bit of a salty taste skin.

2008-08-02 [Evolution X]: and then the napalm *pours in the flaming orange liquid from the vial* ^_^

2008-08-03 [Ash]: Oh, the napalm, so good, but you know a dash of cyanide would do wonders too.

2008-08-03 [Evolution X]: Im allergic... *spoons the soup slowly*

2008-08-03 [Ash]: Most of humanity is, don't feel bad.

2008-08-05 [Calann]: :o :D

2008-08-05 [Ash]: Look what you're making Calann do, she's making surprised then happy face.

2008-08-05 [Calann]: I was actually reacting to the results, but I must admit, the comments are rather amusing as well xD

2008-08-06 [Ash]: Oh, okay, as long as it's not my fault.

2008-08-07 [Evolution X]: ^_^ *grins happily and dances* YEY SECOND PLACE!

2008-08-14 [Ash]: yea, third place!

2008-08-15 [Calann]: Hmm. Sort of lame entry this time around.

2008-09-03 [Annie]: Wow, that was REALLY fast.

2008-09-04 [Ash]: What was fast?

2008-09-04 [Annie]: All those submissions...

2008-09-04 [Evolution X]: Fun fun *readjusts my submission as it hangs up there* Dunno how well I'll do.

2008-09-04 [Ash]: I don't care, it's gets me writing.

2008-09-05 [Aureus Moonrise]: Yay, way to go you guys!! ^_^ It wasn't that lame, Calann. and Lone Tigress's topic was genius. o.o

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