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The staff at WritersCo-heddate are the ones who are responsible for creating and running writing related contests, greeting and assisting new members, overseeing forum activity, creating useful and fun wiki pages, posting news on the mainpage and a lot more. They are also the ones who you can go to if you ever have any questions regarding WritersCo, and are always willing to help if they can.

WritersCo has four main areas in which the staff fall into, these sections all have their own responsibilities, features to look after and ways of working. The four sections are Writing, Members, WC/Staff, and Technical.


WritersCo Staff

Community Bosses

General Staff
[Tyr Zalo Hawk]

Technical Staff


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2005-03-24 [Kaimee]: What a large range of jobs you have... i feel like little red riding hood! ;)

2005-03-24 [Font]: I am sure more will be added when the community grows :P

2005-05-08 [Lerune]: Hmmm...I suppose I should specify my job...

2005-05-08 [Font]: Please do, think of something creative ;)

2005-05-08 [Shanra]: Oh, that's something we do ourselves?

2005-05-08 [Kaimee]: ayup :P

2005-05-08 [Font]: As there are no official staff titles, it is a lot easier to write what you do, so people wanting to contact those in charge of a certain area know who to pester :P

2005-05-08 [Shanra]: Ooh... Alright. I should pester myself to find out what I'm in charge of. :p

2005-05-08 [Font]: See you have caught on :P

2005-05-09 [Veltzeh]: Ooh, ooh...

2005-06-01 [Mister Saint]: Hello all. I know of a person who would like to join, and I thought I'd ask either for invite privs or on her behalf. She's Nightshadow on Elftown. ^_^

2005-06-01 [Font]: You have invite privs, you should see a link on the mainpage to invite someone.

2005-06-01 [Mister Saint]: *bows to the greatness that is Font*

2005-06-05 [Delladreing]: *hugs the [Font]* thanks again for the invite on ep :D

2005-06-16 [battlefield]: lol >_< i added myself here then realized "if i was supposed to be here [Font] would have added me" thanx again [Font] for the invite.

2005-06-16 [Shanra]: That sound about right?

2005-06-16 [djxmonster]: Good way to put it :)

2005-06-17 [battlefield]: ....i have to find myself a job.......

2005-06-17 [djxmonster]: I'm going to look for a job Monday :)

2005-06-17 [battlefield]: good luck >_<

2005-06-21 [wednesday]: hi all

2005-06-25 [RiverStar]: Kaimee, Font, if you need an extra hand I'm more than willing to help you guys out!

2005-07-15 [Font]: If you are interested in working in one of the above areas contact the crew member who is responsible for that feature.

2005-07-21 [RiverStar]: I like the reformating

2005-07-21 [Font]: Thanks, hopefully it will be more clear as to who to ontact and such :)

2005-08-08 [-deleted-]: At the moment I am responsible for Possible Genres, if that needs to be noted; however if help is needed just contact me and I'll help in as many ways as possible.

2005-09-20 [JackSeal]: So this is the place [Jotunheim] has been telling me about(for a small eternity to be exact).

2005-10-11 [Kieli]: I hope you do not forget my offer to be of assistance, Font.

2005-10-26 [Aeolynn]: I want to help.... I have been on ET for about 4 yrs and I always wanted to get involved...can I?

2005-11-11 [Font]: We are currently looking over a few things, planning and implementing for the future of WC. Once we get through all this, if we need we will consider more crew.

2005-11-12 [Stephen]: Wow, you have lots of people wanting to help Alan ^_^

2006-03-17 [Winkx]: When will you be looking at the Applications? *just so i can have a deadline to fix mine*

2006-03-17 [Font]: We look at them whenever we feel there is a gap in the crew, so you can fix it, add to it whenever you like. We look at each application again when we are on our search.

2009-06-23 [Akane; Il Sangue Bevitore]: ^^ Hello, everyone. It's nice to meet these abundant new faces.

2009-07-05 [Font]: Urgent Update!

WritersCo is now based at

Please note that the WritersCo community is based at This website in not WritersCo but rather the old version. The crew of has no responsibility here as our privs were removed by [Hedda]. Sadly this means we can not help you with any questions that you may have, nor are we responsible for conduct or material uploaded.

We would suggest that you move to the new community format, where you will be welcomed, and guidance will be provided to the best of our ability.

Remember the community is the people and hopefully on the new platform we will have better control over what we want, and what we can achieve.

If you have any questions, please email us at

2010-10-26 [Ash]: I'll be glad to come back as staff.

2010-11-14 [Ash]: Yeah, Annie updated.

2010-11-14 [Annie]: Ya haha...I waited awhile because I didn't want to seem presumptuous...but since we both have badges on our profiles, I guess we technically belong on the list. Seems like.

2010-11-15 [Ash]: Yep, good call.

2010-11-15 [Veltzeh]: I should probably be there too... hmm.

2010-11-15 [Annie]: Oops, didn't even realize...

2010-11-15 [Annie]: There we all our alphabetical glory! :)

2010-11-15 [Ash]: Forgetting Veltzeh, tsk tsk tsk Annie.

2010-11-15 [Annie]: Haha >.< I didn't see the badge on his profile! -hide in shame- :P

2010-11-15 [Veltzeh]: I was more thinking of whether I do anything staff-related, but I guess I can. XD

2010-11-15 [Annie]: Haha yes...this is true. Probably why I didn't notice, since you haven't made any staff-type noise that I've seen. :P

2010-11-15 [Veltzeh]: I'm more of the kind who does technical stuff.
...Like so!

2010-11-16 [Ash]: You do techie stuff eh? I was thinking colors that won't put me to sleep, is that possible, Veltzeh?

2010-11-16 [Annie]: Oo, oo...if you're capable of that - creating an additional (optional?) color set that actually functions - that would be SUUU awesome!

2010-11-16 [Veltzeh]: Yeah, I can do that. The only stuff I can't change is the image elements (like the border to the left there, though I can hide it). I don't know if I'm good at planning color schemes though, so suggestions would be nice. X)

2010-11-16 [Ash]: Well, blues and oranges always go well together. I'll take a screen cap and play around and send it to you okay?

2010-11-16 [Veltzeh]: Righty. I disagree about blues and oranges though, but I'm probably thinking limitedly here. X)

2010-11-16 [Annie]: I'm not really into the whole blue and orange thing, but I think I'm slightly biased. I would SO love to see something in peppermint colors (no offense to those who don't celebrate), like white, green, and red...You could do a whole bunch of color sets! My favorite color is green and I have seriously been dying for shades of green, but that's not really one that will keep from putting you to sleep. :P

2010-11-17 [Ash]: I think we want to keep it in two colors. We have to keep blue as he can't change the sidebar... Could we do a dark tan and a white. We could as the peppermint colors for the last two weeks in December and make a special holiday celebration, but I don't think we should just do Christmas, maybe we can each do a different religious holiday contest. I'll get all this planned out hopefully tonight, post up different color options and everything, alright? I'll include all sorts of color options and if we can do updated buttons.

2010-11-17 [Annie]: Ya, I don't really know exactly how Christmasy peppermint is, I just love the colors. And I would agree, running it for just a couple weeks is probably more than enough.
As far as holiday contests go, I'm out for anything around Christmas time because I'll be gone for a month from Dec. 10-Jan. 20. I might stop in a couple times but I won't be doing much, certainly won't be able to host a contest in a timely manner.

2010-11-18 [Ash]: Okay, will just count it out then.

2010-11-21 [Ash]: Okay! Let's go then, I have a few color ideas, I will be loading them up on a wiki page in a second. When I set up the page, I want you all to post your color ideas too, I just did the colors in MS paint, pretty simple coloring.

With new members! Maybe we should assign new members a guide! It could be there first friend, someone who already knows what they're doing, and a staff guide means they can learn to trust the WC Management, we could each take turns. Also, the 'New Members Section' on the front page, we could post a few pages, make a Welcome Page, a Things To Check Out, and Fun Things to Do page. I think these would all be interesting ideas, your ideas/ comments?

2010-11-21 [Veltzeh]: Whew, so much to think about. I guess the guide idea is good, though I don't think I'd make a very good guide. I'm more of the kind who passively answers questions instead of just telling stuff. Making new pages takes time and I don't have too much of that. X)

2010-11-21 [Ash]: We'd just have to work on it slowly.

2010-11-22 [Annie]: I think it's a good idea to have some 'new member' pages in addition to the ones we have on the top left of the front page. I don't think we should get rid of too many of them, aside from the broken and truly archaic ones. I think it's important to aim at both new members and longstanding ones, so we should really renovate such old pages as the contests one. We may not need to make an entire new section so much as manipulate the box that's already there. Just some thoughts...For example, the Writers' Resources are basically obsolete now...I'm pretty sure nobody updates or uses them. There are other websites for stuff like agents and such, this is more of a sharing site...feel free to tell me otherwise.

As for guides, I think it's a good idea. There aren't many new members as it is right now, so it might not be too difficult. Perhaps later if things pick up again we could actually assign "Guides" who volunteer for only that duty and list them on this Staff page as such.

2010-11-22 [Annie]: Also, I had an idea...a point system for activity around WC. I know this would probably take a lot of effort to get established and it may be basically impossible, but it would be super awesome! ^_^ I.e. rating = .5 points, commenting = 1-2 points, uploading a writing = 4 points, joining a forum for the first time = 5 points, etc. You get the idea. And people could earn points and get badges on their profile in the badge section depending on how many points they earn/what type of points they on and so forth.

2010-11-22 [Ash]: Why don't we start going through the old pages and post which ones we need to edit here. Then we can all focus on what we need to do.

2010-11-22 [Ash]: For that, you may have to check with Hedda to see if badges for activity is even possible on a heddate site. I don't know how they would track that.

2010-11-22 [Annie]: Ya, hence my thought that it would take a lot of effort and may be impossible with the format of the site. It would probably require some new formatting for the site or something, especially if it were to be relatively automated.

2010-11-22 [Ash]: Yeah, otherwise, it would be an awesome idea, Annie. Oh, did you want to do badges for the November contest as official WC or unofficial? I figured that since Nano was kind of a big deal, it'd be nice to have a Official November badge for how you placed.

I was also wondering if you would add Tyr to the staff page, he's a level 4 mod, I'd do it, but I'm only a level 5 mod, I don't have enough privileges yet.

2010-11-22 [Ash]: I am working on this page, which will help us, the staff, devlop ideas! WC To-Do

2010-11-22 [Annie]: Oh ok..what would he fall under? General Staff? For WC badges hmm...of course I'm always loving official badges on the profiles, but I'm not sure what jurisdiction I have over that...maybe if they followed the usual format of badges so they blended in well, and maybe if they were something that could be reused so that they would never become archaic or anything like that. Like, something that we could write "I'm a (insert number of NaNo wins here) winner of NaNoWriMo." Or something like that. That way nobody would have like 5 NaNo badges on their profile or anything. And that way it wouldn't get cluttered and we wouldn't have people getting weird about it. Of course, this rules out putting "2010" or anything on them..

2010-11-22 [Annie]: I'm messing around with Verbal Combat. I would totally love to see this come back...Maybe when NaNo is complete I'll put up an announcement or something. You all should create a character if it so pleases you... ^_^

2010-11-22 [Ash]: Tyr would be general staff like us.

I think we should do an official badge, all my badges will be unofficial as I am making a zombie apoc. theme. I can make up a badge and submit it to NaNoWriMo Support.

2010-11-22 [Annie]: Oh haha...awesome! Alright that's great.

2010-11-29 [Ash]: GUYS! I want a rules change! I think FF should be allowed on the writings and have their own genre 'Fan-Fiction'. We are loosing out with Font's old rule of not having it! Most of the rules don't even apply anymore. i think we need to take a serious look at what will kill the WC again.

2010-11-29 [Veltzeh]: What do you mean "most of the rules don't apply"? I think most of the rules should apply! I don't care about allowing fan fiction though, so changing that is fine by me. ;) [Hedda] might want to say something about that though, since technically fan fiction is often a copyright infringement, even if people rarely care about that.
(Also loose and lose are different words. X))

2010-11-29 [Annie]: Fanfiction is a definitely needs a place somewhere because it's a legitimate form of writing, but copyright can be difficult. It seems like WC ought to be one of the few places where it's acceptable to share it, since this is a password-protected, sharing community. I don't really know how the laws work, but it seems like, as long as the author isn't planning to 1) sell the work, 2) make any profit off the work, 3) present the copyright parts as their own...then it should be okay for sharing on WC. But I don't really know. It's sad if we can't figure out some way fanfiction can be allowed, since it is creative and worthwhile in the way that it allows people to weave stories with well-known and/or loved characters and universes.

2010-11-29 [Ash]: All we have to do is state what belongs to the author, give the author name and state that it is a fan-fiction. BTW, hosting a fan-fiction cannot get us in trouble if we moderate it carefully to see that they are not abused, such as pornographic FFs.

I'll volunteer to make up the rules governing and monitoring FFs. I don't think we need the rules on the notice, I mean really. Who cares if it says 'had a great time shopping' it gives people a little more freedom as long as it is not offensive.

2010-11-29 [Annie]: Ohh first I was like...rules on the notice to fanfiction? Confusion...but now I get it. :P I admit I was a little surprised by the notice rules; didn't realize they were quite so strict. I realize the idea was to make WC more focused on writing and less like a social-networking site, but it does seem a bit extreme to restrict the notices in those ways. Especially when notices are so strikingly similar to "moods" on social-networking sites where they're used for a lot of the things that are forbidden here. I think most people don't even realize it's not allowed. I admit, I've written personal, non-writing-related things in my notice before without even realizing I was breaking the rules. >.< Of course, nobody called me out on it either.

2010-11-29 [Veltzeh]: I'm actually the person who got the notices restricted that way! ;D I dislike the way "moods" show up everywhere and most of the time I don't want to see them at all.
Why would pornographic fanfic be "worse" than non-pornographic? Also, the writing-pages (or super-wiki) is not a password-protected part of the site, it's viewable to anyone. The regular wiki, on the other hand, can be password-protected.

2010-11-30 [Ash]: Well, it could be damage to intellectual property. Though they are technically 'public figures' you still can't do anything that would damage their 'image'. Weird, right?

Veltzeh, I know you like the idea of not seeing 'moods' so could you make it a turn-off feature to it? That would be cool.

2010-11-30 [Annie]: Wow, this whole time I thought the writings were also protected just like everything else. I'm so of the most appealing aspects of WC to me was the fact that it's a password-protected community, which means that technically you haven't published your writing even digitally, so your first publication rights are still intact. Oh well, I'll find a way around it...

2010-11-30 [Ash]: Yep, I think there is a way, I just don't know it. Good luck with finding it.

2010-11-30 [Annie]: I figured it out... ;) Sneaky am can make it so that only members of a certain forum can see each page. So I created a private forum that anyone who wants to read my writings has to become a member of. :) I feel rather spiffy. ^_^

2010-11-30 [Ash]: Awesome, you have your own fan club! I'll join!

2010-11-30 [Annie]: Hehe ^_^ I'll invite you. :D :P Premier member.

2010-11-30 [Ash]: Yep, I should do that with mine, but I'm kind of lazy...

2010-11-30 [Annie]: You should! When you get the chance. It's worth it. :)

2010-11-30 [Ash]: I think I will, I'd say tomorrow but it's already here!

2010-11-30 [Annie]: Plus it's fun to have your own private forum. ;P

2010-11-30 [Ash]: :)

2010-11-30 [Veltzeh]: O_o Who decides what all can "damage" an "image"? That's rather absurd.
I kept asking for [Hedda] to make something that would disable the moods, but he didn't implement such a feature. IIRC I got around it by editing my stylesheet, but he took that off too so that it doesn't work.

2010-11-30 [Annie]: Aw lol, bummer. And ya, that is pretty ridiculous that they're afraid of their characters' images being damaged. A secure author who is making that much money should consider it a complement and get over it.

2010-11-30 [Veltzeh]: I don't think most published authors are afraid of that image (I've heard of one or two this far).

2010-11-30 [Ash]: There is a list of them some where on the internet. I know Meg Cabot has written into several FF sites and told them to ban people making FFs after her characters.

2010-11-30 [Annie]: And if I remember correctly, Anne Rice is kind of snooty about it too.

2010-12-01 [Ash]: Yep, so you have to be careful. I'll cover this as well.

2011-01-07 [Kaimee]: Wow, hi guys! Sorry I've been absent, I check in once in awhile to see if anyone's still interested but had a very hectic few months for the end of 2010 and simply didn't think of it! :(

I'm completely ecstatic to find some more interested people, and love your ideas for updating the site! Although I'm listed on here as boss, you can take me as Technical staff as well, as I'm very familiar with the stylesheets and internal workings here.

I really loved the suggestion of the tan and white (with some blue highlights) colour scheme, so I think we should start working towards that.
Sorry to say, I really don't want to make this place peppermint, as I've been fighting to move Elftown away from green for a long, long time, and I'm not about to implement it here ;)
If you're interested in ways this stylesheet could be updated, log on to Elftown and check out the wiki there "redesigning et" (, which has examples of what some ET members would like to change there.
You can also try implementing the stylesheet I'm currently working on at ET by editing your details, and changing your stylesheet to "_kaimee-firefly.css", a version of which was used for the April Fool's prank.
Textural and graphical elements similar to those used in that stylesheet can easily be applied here, creating a drastically different look and feel to Writersco. I've already been experimenting quietly with updating the navigation here (1 long divided bar rather than many separate links) and welcome any suggestions everyone has :D

Credit counters to update badges are a no-go without some serious updates from Hedda, currently the way such thing work across on Elftown is that crew manually keep track of 'points'... which is tedious and easy to make a mistake with.

I love the idea of Nanowrimo participants and winners badges though, I wonder if we could get permission to use the little Nano 'shield' from the official website? If not, we could make an empty shield the same shape as a silhouette on part of the badge here, to visually link the two :)

I'm also fully in support of allowing fanfiction here, as almost all writing sites already do allow it and have no real issues with copyright.
As long as fanfiction is declared as a derivitave work and categorised as fanfic, with proper credits given, it should be allowed.
Of course, that is reliant on the fact that most authors support fanfiction, however some are publicly, loudly, and legally prohibitive of their use of copyright material in fanfiction, so I think we would need to have some form of moderation in place before fanfiction could be viewable.

For instance, the member here could upload it, format the page and add all the information and click 'submit', but it would not be publically viewable until a set moderator has OK'd it. The OK would rely on a quick search of the internet regarding whether that author allows fanfic, or additionally, allows sexual fanfic (eg. LucasFilms Ltd. does not allow pornographic fanfic but fully supports all other fanfic) to decide whether that piece could be set as publically viewable.

All in all, I love these ideas you've all come up with :) I think we should start working straight away to make some of them a reality!

2011-01-18 [Annie]: Great to see you back after your hecticness :) I like your ideas about fanfic.

2011-01-19 [Ash]: We need to add fan-fiction to the genre's then and get a good set of rules going. Here are's rules, they are pretty lengthy:

FanFiction.Net does not filter content and is an open system that trusts the writer's judgement. However, there is an inherent responsibility that falls to writers as a result.

Here is a list of conducts that should always be observed:
Spell check all story and poetry. There is no excuse for not performing this duty. If you do not have a word processor that has the spell checking feature, use a search engine such as to find one.
Proofread all entries for grammar and other aspects of writing before submission. 'Hot off the press' content is often riddled with errors. No one is perfect but it is the duty of the writer to perform to the best of his/her ability.
Respect the reviewers. Not all reviews will strictly praise the work. If someone rightfully criticizes a portion of the writing, take it as a compliment that the reviewer has opted to spend his/her valuable time to help improve your writing.
Everyone here is an aspiring writer. Respect your fellow members and lend a helping a hand when they need it. Like many things, the path to becoming a better writer is often a two way street.
Use proper textual formatting. For example: using only capital letters in the story title, summary, or content is not only incorrect but also a disregard for the language itself.

FanFiction.Net Content Guidelines:
Version: 11-20-2008

The chapter system is not to be used as placeholder for non-story content such as author notes. You can add short author notes to the beginning or at the end of stories but never as individual chapters.

FanFiction.Net is not an archive for non-fanfiction literary works. Please visit to publish your non-fanfiction literary works.

Do not upload chapters, series, or segments of a story as separate entries. In order to submit a 5 chapter story, for example, use the 'Create Story' page to submit chapter 1, and then use the 'Edit/Upload chapter' feature in the left menu, after login, to submit chapters 2 through 5.

Entries not allowed:
Non-stories: lists, bloopers, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, and etc.
One or two liners.
MST: comments inserted in between the flow of a copied story.
Stories with non-historical and non-fictional characters: actors, musicians, and etc.
Any form of interactive entry: choose your adventure, second person/you based, Q&As, and etc.
Chat/script format and keyboard dialogue based entries.

Actions not allowed:
Multiple entries of the same material. There can only be one copy of any unique story on the entire site. No exceptions.
Rewriting names of characters/locations of one story in order to upload to multiple categories.
Copying from a previously published work (including musical lyrics) not in the public domain.
General rules:
Entry title and summary must be rated K for all audience. No exceptions.
Entry must be given the proper rating. No exceptions.
Entry must be placed in proper category. No exceptions.
Chapters of the same story are not allowed to be submitted as separate entries. All chapters/segments must be grouped together using the 'edit/upload chapter' feature in the left menu.

2011-01-20 [Veltzeh]: Do we have somewhere a short list of what needs to be done and who can do it? That would be a good list to have. :)

2011-01-20 [Veltzeh]: No wait, there's wc to-do.

2011-01-21 [Ash]: I am opening an extensive every-day contest for March and hosting it similarly to NaNoWriMo Support.

This contest is simply to boost postings, please check it out and join: March Mad-Dash Challenge!.

If only I do it, we will get 31 entires in March, that's 31 new writings. If four people do it, that 124! We can really boost our stats this way. You can work ahead, but you must wait to post these in March!

2011-03-08 [Annie]: Did we come to any conclusions about fan fiction here? I have a friend I'm considering inviting to WC but she only writes fan fiction. -Goes to scramble something up-
Also, adding onto [Kaimee]'s idea about searching the internet to double check whether the author of the original work approves of fan fiction, we could also keep a wiki page with a list of authors and their fan fiction status. Might be helpful.

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: I've contacted Hedda to find out what he thinks, and whether he'll set up some things we would need to deal with fan fiction, such as an extra genre, and a priv level that could delete writings.

If we were to allow it in the general writings, at this point I think we would need to manually moderate each piece by googling the author in question and finding our their copyright/fan-fic rules. We would need certain staff to handle this, probably any staff who already have the 'guard' level privs and who remain active.

Anyway, we're waiting on what Hedda says now, so we'll see! :)

2011-03-10 [Annie]: Yep :)

2011-03-11 [Ash]: Well, I'm willing, as I've already told you. I think double checking is always a good idea anyway, the double system would be nice and I really support Annie's ideas about Fan-Fiction. We can borrow the list from as they have specific authors and I could do some research. :)

What type of Fan-Fiction does she write? I can tell you probably off the top of my head if it's allowed or not, also, FF has always been allowed on wikis. I have two on wikis at the moment.

2011-03-12 [Annie]: Hm I'm not really sure what she writes on but I think some anime, maybe Naruto.

2011-03-14 [Ash]: Naruto is allowed, and as a fellow Narutard, I can tell you that Kishimoto has NEVER released a statement on it so there is no official rule against it (also, with the over 2million stories on just, she's safe to post on here). Just remind her that no matter how hot a character is, no porn.

2011-03-14 [Annie]: Lol :P I don't think she's the type ;)

2011-03-15 [Ash]: You'd be surprised... I thought I was reading a story on two brothers with a family that hates them 'Wait, why are they getting into the shower together... oh god!'

2011-03-15 [Annie]: Loool

2011-03-17 [Ash]: I know XD It was done very tastefully but it was so weird...

2011-03-17 [Annie]: Lol, I so wouldn't read that haha. >.< Well, my friend's definitely not the type. She might have some kissing or flirtation but nothing like that. :P

2011-03-17 [Ash]: That's fine. Some of my cutest work is done with simple flirts.

2011-04-19 [Emily]: Does this mean that some of the rules have changed?

2011-04-19 [Annie]: Yes, we're implementing fanfiction as an acceptable genre! ^_^

2011-04-19 [Kaimee]: Hehe, hold your horses there! We're still discussing with Hedda how exactly to make it viable, but for the meantime you should feel free to upload any fanfiction that does not directly contravene an authors stated rules.
This means if they say no porn/violence, we respect their rules. Otherwise, it's as valid a genre as any other, so go ahead!

2011-05-04 [sammie h!]: what can i do about becoming part of the staff and getting privs 90 or below

2011-05-04 [Veltzeh]: Your priv is currently above 90.

2011-05-04 [sammie h!]: as in 90, 89, 88

2011-05-14 [Kaimee]: You can contribute to this site as a normal member first; you haven't even uploaded any writings yet :P

2011-05-20 [sammie h!]: yes i have

2011-05-21 [Annie]: I think Kaimee is referring to the writings super wiki. You haven't uploaded any writings to the writings super wiki, and thus haven't learned one of the most important features of this site yet. If you're not sure how or need help, we actually have a whole page explaining the process at: How do I upload my writing?.

2011-06-03 [Kaimee]: Exactly [Annie], thanks for your very informative reply :D

2011-06-03 [Annie]: :}

2011-07-01 [Ash]: I think we are good on staff, I think when it gets to 25 to 1 memebers to staff then we should consider it.

2011-10-30 [sammie h!]: Well I am currently on the Council on cathug and just wanted to know if there is any jobs going on here, I have started a project on there since I got on the Council to make it a more interesting place and will do the same here, but it is up to the staff and all the crew

2011-10-30 [Ash]: We need to work on membership more sammie, so the more you can get people to Writersco, the more likely we'll be able to have another person in charge. :)

2011-11-01 [sammie h!]: I don't want to be in charge,I want to take it one step at a time, like priv - 89 first so I can prove myself with that, then up and up and up.

2011-11-01 [Annie]: Sammie, your priv will remain the same.

2011-11-01 [sammie h!]: What priv, I haven't got one

2011-11-01 [Annie]: All normal members have a default priv of 101. As a normal member, your priv is 101. See the Privs page.

2011-11-01 [Ash]: If you prove yourself in time, you may move up to 99, which is a privileged member who can upload to wikis, but as I said, we need to work on having more members, not more staff. Thank you for your interest and wanting to support the WC but there simply isn't any more room for staff right now.

2011-11-02 [sammie h!]: Oh well, never mind, the privs are much easier on other heddate sites, and they are all better, i'll go where its worth helping.

Thanks anyway

2011-11-02 [Annie]: All heddate sites use the same priv system.

2011-11-02 [sammie h!]: But with some of them if you just ask nicely you get them, like on most sites I have priv 94 and 90 and one 89, the way you are using it, they don't. If the member knows how to use it, let them use it.

2011-11-02 [Veltzeh]: If the member doesn't specifically need a lower priv, there's no point in having a lower priv.

2011-11-02 [Ash]: If you follow that too many irresponsible people will be in charge. Veltzeh has the perfect point. When you get more active you may earn you a lower privilege of 99.

2011-11-03 [sammie h!]: No thanks, this isn't really my cup of tea, maybe you would have more members if you wasn't so tight on the rules and privs

2011-11-04 [Ash]: I'm sorry you feel that way but some people aren't responsible enough to handle certain items. We don't need thousands of members, we kind of prefer it to be a tight knit group, we're maybe looking for a few good writers. If that's not your cup of tea that's not our problem.

2011-11-09 [sammie h!]: I do write, but I write for fun and pleasure, there is no point in having a site if your keeping it tight

2011-11-23 [Annie]: This conversation is closed. Future comments on the issue will be removed.

2011-11-24 [sammie h!]: question for the Staff has anyone ever seen annies face, how do you no its not really a guy

2011-11-24 [Annie]: Sammie h, personal attacks aren't tolerated on WC. Consider this your first warning.

2011-11-29 [sammie h!]: Its not a personal attack, its the truth, and its a question

2011-11-29 [Annie]: This is your second warning.

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