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Welcome to the Writersco Poetry Dueling Arena!

Here you have a chance to pit your own poems against those of your peers in active, one-on-one competition. Winners are determined by the body of authors that is, via wiki-polls located on each category's page.

Yes, participation in this activity, whether by dueling, voting, or just chatting will help keep this function alive and well. Believe me: a single person, especially a single regular, makes a huge difference. 

Make absolutely sure you read The Rules first, and then head on over to submit your poems!

Kick back, have fun, and enjoy this challenge to your writing ability.


The Rules - This should be your first stop.
Submit Your Poems - After you've read the rules, that is.
Arena FAQ - Read before asking, if you please.
How It Works: Extended Edition
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Arena Mods
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Unfortunately inactive at present.

As you all know, when you win at the PDA you get a nice little comment in your badge box about how many times you've won here. Not many contests can offer that.

Old News

The arena is starting back up under new management. As of now, you can direct your questions, complaints and roses to [Annie] and [Calann]!

Duels are now permanently up for a minimum of two weeks at a time.


Active Duels

We are inactive at present

Awaiting Challengers





If you have any questions, please thoroughly scour How It Works: Extended Edition, The Rules, and Arena FAQ for the answer. If your question survives all that, feel free to contact [Annie] or [Calann] for help.


Worthy Causes

Unlazy Poets - a themed monthly poetry contest!

Username (or number or email):


2006-12-13 [Nightshadow]: If you feel that a poem fits more strongly into another category, you can certainly put it there. :3 However, any non-metered poem, especially without rhyme, is free verse. There's a chance the playing field may end up uneven, since many people jump at rhyme and meter the same way people jump at detail in visual arts, regardless of which is truly the better, more artistic poem. But! Entering other categories it fits is a good way to get around the queue when it exists. ;3

2006-12-14 [Calann]: They don't even rhyme. :P But, yesh, I shall see what to do, and in the meantime, resume stalking.

2006-12-14 [Mister Saint]: If nothing else, you can show one of us the poem and we can fit it somewhere for you, Calann.

2006-12-14 [Calann]: I've only got about, oh, eighty to choose from... <_<

2006-12-14 [Mister Saint]: Flip an eighty sided quarter? >.>

2006-12-14 [Calann]: I have four D20s... That should do the trick. :P
Nah. Naturally, some of them are better than the others, so maybe I'll first narrow down to those.

2006-12-14 [Nightshadow]: And then with the D20.

2006-12-14 [Mister Saint]: "When the dice land on an odd-numbered poem, everyone take a shot!"

2006-12-14 [Nightshadow]: *readies folding chair*

2006-12-14 [Mister Saint]: To all watchers o' the page: Saturday looms! We need those entries already, and those who can need to kick people around a little bit and get them interested!

2006-12-16 [Mister Saint]: Saturday is here, and still no entries. The winners from last week get another by, it looks like.

2006-12-16 [Calann]: *rolled the dice* Ahum... Am I late? <_< Of course I am, dumb question. Here's another one: Can I submit two, if they're going in different categories? ... I think they are, anyways.

2006-12-16 [Mister Saint]: Yes, but no worries, and yeah, you can submit two. ^^

2006-12-16 [Calann]: I think I need an opinion on whether or not the other one actually fits the category I intend to submit it to. :3

2006-12-16 [Nightshadow]: You can submit as many poems as you like, to any number of categories. Even if you have the only two poems in the queue, we'll never set you dueling against yourself. :3

2006-12-16 [Calann]: Aye-aye. :3 Can I send the poem I'm unsure about to one of you?

2006-12-16 [Nightshadow]: [Mister Saint] is probably the better bet for a literary call. I'm more or less administrative.

2006-12-17 [Mister Saint]: Right. We have duels, now!

2006-12-18 [Annie]: Yippee, duels! I love this...I honestly check this page almost every day. I hope more people get active.

2006-12-18 [Mister Saint]: Yeah, let's hope! We gotta figure a way to kick people into participating, yup.

2006-12-23 [Kiddalee]: Oh. It's nice of you to advertise the Unlazy Poets contest.

2006-12-23 [Mister Saint]: Hey, ya know, why not. ^^ Every little bit helps, right?

2006-12-24 [Mister Saint]: We gots a duel for week three... still low on entries, though. Hopefully it will pick back up after the holidays.

2006-12-26 [Mister Saint]: Also, we have ten watchers and only two people readily submitting work. Categories are getting three or four votes total, per duel.

Remember, every time you participate, an angel doesn't notice. But it's an angel. Not noticing, but still. An Angel. Think about that.

2006-12-26 [Calann]: The duels are pretty low on votes at ET as well...

2006-12-26 [Mister Saint]: Yeah, true. I'm actually really impressed with how we've done here, but it feels like we could do better.

Oh! Recognition! [Annie] and [Calann] are the big poetry contributors. They're like... machines. With the breathing, though.

2006-12-26 [Calann]: I certainly wish there would be some more life both here and there. But how to get people to participate and keep their interest, that's the big question...

In response to that comment, I just HAVE to boast. During four or five years, I've written somewhere around 400 poems. Talk about a machine... The quality, however, is often questionable.

2006-12-26 [Mister Saint]: Well, it's important for a writer to keep writing, even if some of it's not perfect. Emily Dickinson's famous for having butt tons of short little poems, and a good many of them suck twist-ties through an oil filter. *nods*

2006-12-26 [Calann]: Hehe. I guess you're right, though I have a habit of depressing myself with too-harsh self-criticism. Ah well, I won't be stopping any time soon. ^_^

2006-12-26 [Annie]: haha...thanks mister saint. :) i like to say that in my head while i type it. mister saint.
wow calann...that's a lot of have the right to boast. i'm more of a quality over quantity person...but for a good cause, i will write a poem! and the poetry dueling arena is a good cause. :)

2006-12-26 [Calann]: *smile* Aye, a very good cause indeed.
I would like to set quality over quantity, however, with the obsessive need to just write write write that is often a sheer impossibility. xD Sometimes I manage to cough up something that's actually good.

2006-12-27 [iippo]: I only recently discovered here, so now there is one more to the usual crowd (I never unwatch a wiki :P) I'm not poetic as such, but I have written somehing before, so maybe I'll get back to the habit to challenge someone, who knows. :)

2006-12-27 [Calann]: Whee, 'tis an iippo in da house! \o/

2006-12-27 [Mister Saint]: Fresh fish, people!

2006-12-31 [Mister Saint]: Duel's set up for this week. Mang, that Free Verse category was a good idea. o.O

2006-12-31 [Kiddalee]: Free verse is POPULAR. That's why I created Unlazy Poets. There's got to be some place where you can find a lot of formatted poems. Heck, maybe I should create an archive, on that note. *goes to do that*

2006-12-31 [Kiddalee]: *has done something slightly better*

2006-12-31 [Mister Saint]: Seems so! By the by, everyone, Unlazy Poets really needs at last one more entry... it's been floating for a long time! Surely one of you can pull off Iambic Pentameter... if I can, anyone can!

2007-01-03 [Annie]: Ok, so now I have a question. If we've entered a poem in the Unlazy Poets contest, can we also enter it here?

2007-01-03 [Mister Saint]: Yup!

2007-01-13 [Mister Saint]: Ack! Free verse has no challengers this time! Booo!

2007-01-14 [Calann]: o_O *rolls dice* Better late than never? <_<

2007-01-14 [Mister Saint]: *laughs* We'll take it! Thanks Calann!

News: The arena's looking for a new mod! [Mister Saint] is going off to college, and though he's sure he'll have time to update, he wants to make sure everything is covered. If anyone is interested, please let him know.

2007-01-14 [Calann]: No problem. ^_^

2007-01-22 [Jenna Rose]: If a submit a poem that doesn't win, can you ever submit it again in a new dual?
^_^ Just wondering. I read over the FAQs the other day and it wasn't in there.

2007-01-22 [Nightshadow]: Good question. I'm moved to say "no," but let's wait for [Mister Saint]'s input.

2007-01-22 [Jenna Rose]: Sorry, meant to say "If you submit". Bah.
I just thought I'd ask because I figured someone else would ask it sooner or later, and then they could find it on the FAQs. I thought maybe someone just forgot to add it. ^^

2007-01-22 [Nightshadow]: Ah. Well, if there's going to be no debate, then, I'll go ahead and jot it in there, since I'm pretty sure of what Travis will say. ^^

2007-01-22 [Nightshadow]: Added to the rules rather than the FAQ. "9. Once a poem has dueled, it cannot be submitted again, even to a different category. If it's been modified extensively since it last dueled and you'd like to submit the new version, please contact an Arena mod. (S)he will decide whether it's different enough to be considered a new entry."

2007-01-22 [Jenna Rose]: Sounds good.

2007-01-22 [Mister Saint]: Yeah, that's fine everyone. Awwr... my Emily knows me so well! Thank you for fixing up the rules!

2007-01-28 [Mister Saint]: Sorry for being late with the update everyone, I've been really, really ill all weekend. I promise I'll get to it before long, I just don't feel up to it tonight.

2007-01-28 [Nightshadow]: It's true. He has. ;3 He's too sweet to take advantage of having lackies, though. Arena updated.

2007-01-30 [Morningstar Rising]: Hello all sorry for not submitting sooner, but been busy. Anyways I submitted a poem, put it under emotional, but not sure if that is where it should be. If someone can take a look and let me know, I would be most grateful. Later Gators.

2007-02-04 [Mister Saint]: No problem! Ladies and gentlemen, Narrative apparently sucks as a category, as it's had I think one duel. I'm looking for ideas for a replacement category people would be interested in using! Let me know ASAP with your ideas... some off the top of my head are "metered" or "mature".

2007-02-04 [iippo]: I'll just throw a few words at you, Mister (to see how well you dodge): "surreal" or the opposite "realist." I must admit though that "metered" sounds good.

2007-02-04 [Calann]: Metered sounds scary. :D

2007-02-04 [Mister Saint]: I so need to make a list, and *gets thwapped in the face by surreal* gah! Sticky-wet and somehow dry-sandy-prolly full of rocks! Icky!

Metered's not so bad! Any good poem should have rhythm, anyway, and it's a short jump from there to dedicated meter. *nod*

2007-02-04 [Calann]: Umh. Right. *goes hang*

2007-02-04 [Annie]: hmm...i have a suggestion for a is...Themed. That's the best i have. :P

2007-02-04 [Nightshadow]: Considering the number of participants and short queues, we could potentially cut down to "metered" and "free verse" for the time being, and add more categories again with more participation.

2007-02-04 [Morningstar Rising]: I am not much of a poet, I don't know all the different categories, can someone tell me if there is a place I can read up on them.

2007-02-05 [Jenna Rose]: Well you can read about the categories that are on here at About the Categories :)

2007-02-05 [mousepoet]: Metered and free verse sound yummy. I hereby cast my vote. :) I wonder which will get more participants, if they become the only two catgories...

2007-02-05 [Mister Saint]: Mm... I can all but promise that metered will be largely ignored. Almost all of the submissions here have been in free verse form, regardless of the category they ended up in... if we eliminated the theme categories, free verse would get the vast bulk of entries.

2007-02-05 [Nightshadow]: What about eliminating free verse as a category and creating another one? Right now it's the odd one out. "Emotional" and "narrative" are both themes, while "free verse" is a technical note, which people are choosing to file their poems under rather than picking a theme. "Descriptive," maybe, for poems about landscapes, seashells, bloody daggers, whatever?

2007-02-05 [iippo]: I'm with Nightshadow in this.
And at one point there was a poem in "free verse" that to me (as an uneducated old shoe) seemed to be metered, in the sense that it had a very clear poetic structure (rhyme, line lenght et al) = what I consider be the opposite of free verse.

2007-02-05 [Annie]: ooo...i hope it wasn't mine. :P

2007-02-06 [Morningstar Rising]: Thanks [Jenna Rose]

2007-02-06 [Mister Saint]: Do you remember which one it was, iippo?
And I'm fine with doing away with free verse as a category. However, we need lots of good category ideas before that, because I absolutely do not want to end up choosing something people aren't interested in after all.

2007-02-06 [Nightshadow]: I officially put "descriptive" on the table, then. :)

2007-02-06 [iippo]: o.O; I can't remember which one it was. and I don't want to start pointing fingers... ;>_>

2007-02-06 [Annie]: well i kinda hope we don't get rid of free verse...that's a pretty busy category.

2007-02-06 [Jenna Rose]: 'Welcome ^_~

2007-02-06 [Nightshadow]: That's the point, [Annie]. It gets all the submissions, while free verse poetry is eligible for any category. We'd like participants to start sorting their entries by theme.

2007-02-06 [Mister Saint]: Oh, don't worry about that iippo. I'm not going to take wins away from anybody or anything, I just hate to know that I slipped up somewhere. o.o 

And yeah... while I'd like to see more submissions period, to fill up other categories, right now Free Verse is the big dog and this arena is its yard. I vote that, effective this Saturday, February 10th, the free verse category be formally retired for now. We have a few ideas (surrealist is a good one, it's a hoot to write, but harder than most styles) and while I like descriptive... well, any good poem should be descriptive. This is my creative writing class talking. o.o On and on about concrete images. However, I like it enough as a category that descriptive will be implemented provided nothing more specific is suggested by Saturday. Okay? Okay!

2007-02-06 [Mister Saint]: Also, there are a few more suggestions hanging around the list under our news section.

2007-02-06 [Jenna Rose]: I think mature and surreal could possibly be some good ones. There's quite a bit of people out there who like to write/read stuff like that.

2007-02-07 [Annie]: ok...i see. well i hope this works!
i thought of another suggestion...what about "stream of consciousness"? i don't konw if that's really a category's huge in my poetry writing class so...i thought i'd suggest it. :P

2007-02-07 [Mister Saint]: It might work, but it's a little specialized...

2007-02-07 [Nightshadow]: I think "stream of consciousness" should be considered as a future category if the arena has a lot more entrants...though it would also make a fabulous outside contest, [Annie]. Something to think about. :)

2007-02-07 [Annie]: haha... :) possibly. ;)

2007-02-09 [Mister Saint]: Last call for new ideas, people! 

2007-02-09 [Annie]: i thought of another one! introspective!

oh and...are we going to have these different categories described/explained on a page somewhere? lol, i honestly have no idea what "dada" would be...and "themed" seems like how all my poems are so...i would have a hard time picking. i think a thorough description would clear my crazy head. :)

2007-02-10 [Mister Saint]: Google 'em if you don't understand, it'll be better than any description I can come up with.

2007-02-10 [Mister Saint]: Would anyone be opposed to reverting to a category system similar to the one used over at Elftown? Categories, by theme instead of style...? I'm ALL for this, by the way.

2007-02-10 [Nightshadow]: Seconded. :) Fewer categories, certainly, but by theme and not style.

2007-02-10 [iippo]: Thirded (if that is a word :P). It'll cause less confusion for the poets trying to decide which category their work belongs to.

2007-02-10 [Annie]: ay!

2007-02-10 [Mister Saint]: After lengthy conferance with Jinx, we have decided that the number of categories shall remain at three. We've selected:

Nature - poetry with natural imagery and themes; forests, birds, flowers, and such.

Modern - poetry with contemporary images and themes; cars, streets, cities, farms, jobs, and so forth. Modern here does not imply a style, only the theme.

Abstract - poetry that lacks natural or man-made images and themes, i.e., poems that rely on abstract words. Social commentary, personal troubles, exploratory poems, and such will go here. 

If anyone has input on these categories, especially if you have a problem with them or don't understand, I need to know by update (around midnight EST, eleven hours from now) so that we can work them out. ^_^ 

2007-02-10 [Nightshadow]: Why "modern" as opposed to "society" or something? Where does a poem about, say, Gondor go?

2007-02-10 [Mister Saint]: If it's a cityscape it would go under modern. *nods* It was the only word I could think of that would mean 'man-made' and not sound like a piece of plastic or something. Though I'll admit that modern may not the best word, I don't think society really works either... cause then, where would we put a poem about a car, or a building, or something? If anyone has any ideas, hit me up.

2007-02-10 [Mister Saint]: Some other ideas for the 'modern' category: Civilization, Society... um... that's pretty much it so far. Help!

2007-02-10 [Mister Saint]: Hey. What does everyone think about 'concrete' and 'abstract' as the only categories? This is another route we could potentially go.

2007-02-11 [Kiddalee]: I think Abstract might be a difficult category to write for. I have no idea how to do Abstract. As for Concrete, I think it could be too broad. Besides, too many poems integrate both.

2007-02-11 [Nightshadow]: The new categories, excepting further debate, are

Civilization - For things having to do with humanity and its achievements. (Fantastic civilizations like elves and whatnot also go here.)

Natural - for things that occur in the natural world, everything from wind to creatures. (Poems about the "nature" of a fantasy world also go here.)

Intangible - For pure emotions, spirituality, and other things that cannot be touched

While it is true that some (most) poems could fit into more than one category to some degree, this is true of pretty much any categories we could create due to the layered nature of poetry. It will be up to the poet to decide which category their poem most belongs to.

2007-02-11 [Nightshadow]: Also, "intangible" is our uber-poetic rephrasation of "abstract." Further, "concrete" was simply a grouping of "civilization" and "natural." The reason it was decided against is that many poems are a solid half-and-half split between solid/tangible symbolism and very abstract/intangible implication, and this way at least allows some theme guidelines for poems that aren't completely abstract thematically.

2007-02-11 [Kiddalee]: Aah, I overestimated your time zone difference when I wrote that.

2007-02-11 [Nightshadow]: Oh, maybe not. It's way past my bedtime. ;)

2007-02-11 [Kiddalee]: Right. If I had been correct in thinking it wasn't midnight for you yet, then I wouldn't be overestimating it, because it would mean that we are even further apart than we are.

2007-02-11 [Mister Saint]: Sorry to everyone for the lateness of the overhaul. There won't be any duels this week. Each poet with entries submitted needs to go to Submit Your Poems before next Saturday and decide where to place your entries in the new categories. We may end up having to 'shuffle the deck' a little bit, but it'll end up okay.

2007-02-11 [Annie]: whee! now let's all sit down and cup our hands and take deep breaths!
-scampers off to submit-

2007-02-11 [iippo]: New categories look great. :D Good job guys.

2007-02-11 [Jenna Rose]: Interesting categories o.o

2007-02-14 [Mister Saint]: Time for my obligatory middle of the week jackasstic message to the masses!

Please make sure you update your poem's category! If you don't, we'll decide for you come Saturday... actually, if no one's opposed, I may do it Friday just to get the Queues filled back up. 

Also, we need some volunteers to be category mods! All you need is about fifteen minutes on a Saturday night to do it, even less when you get practiced at it.

2007-02-14 [Jenna Rose]: I'd like to be a mod.
I'm online all the time...

2007-02-14 [Jenna Rose]: But what if you find yourself not being able to get on on a Saturday night? Like if your electricity or internet dies, etc?

2007-02-14 [Mister Saint]: We won't knee cap you for missing an update. If you know for a fact that you won't be online at any time on Saturday night (I think you're in Eastern U.S. Time zone, so yours and mine are the same) let us know, if something happens that you can't update but can't warn us, let us know when you get back. ^_^

2007-02-14 [Jenna Rose]: The only problem I usually have with not being able to get on, is when my brother comes over and takes over my computer. o.x

2007-02-14 [Jenna Rose]: Anyway. Then, if it's open, I would like to be the mod for "Intangible". If you'll let me that is :P

2007-02-14 [Mister Saint]: I don't have a problem with that. We'll wait and see what Nightshadow has to say, though. I'd like to take Civilization for myself, since I've entered a poem for Natural. 

2007-02-14 [Jenna Rose]: Okies :)

2007-02-14 [Nightshadow]: Sounds fine, [Jenna Rose]. I can grab Natural.

2007-02-14 [Jenna Rose]: Alright ^^

2007-02-15 [Calann]: Got them redefined... I'm not a hundred percent sure, but well. <_<

2007-02-15 [Mister Saint]: Eep! We have an intangible overload in the queue! Thanks, Calann. With so many intangibles running around, we might end up having a poet facing hir own poem! We can't do that, so some poems might get shuffled anyway. 

2007-02-16 [Mister Saint]: Let's see... I think, and I dunno about anyone else, but I think we need a new banner. We also need wins badges. Would anyone instantly like to volunteer to make some? I'm kinda bored, so I'm thinking I might make up the badges or the banner... whatever, though.

2007-02-16 [Jenna Rose]: ...*loves to make banners*

2007-02-16 [Nightshadow]: No win badges necessary. I know the "when" is vague, but the official wc awards can be used when they're okay. Wins are currently displayed in badge slots, and I can't just post any image in the badge slots (unless maybe as a joke) without clearing it with [Font] first.

2007-02-16 [Jenna Rose]: I sent a banner for this page to you in a message..
Is it okay, or do you want something different? I couldn't mess around with it much last night, my photoshop kept closing on me.

2007-02-17 [Mister Saint]: If no one has any objections, the remaining un-categorized poems will be moved by the mods later this evening. Also, it looks like Calann will be dueling herself (unless I'm mistaken and read the page wrong) so a re-shuffling of the board is in order. Are the mods all comfortable with their new categories? And what's the status of the new banner? *feels all administrative like*

2007-02-17 [Jenna Rose]: How is the re-shuffling going to be done?

2007-02-17 [Mister Saint]: Um... I'm not sure! My thought is to carefully re-evaluate the poems... decide if any of them don't fit in Intangible especially. Or rather, if they fit BETTER somewhere else. If that clears up the problem, then yay! 

2007-02-17 [Jenna Rose]: That sounds good.

And I'm waiting on word to see if my banner is good enough, and if not, if either of you can give me suggestions more on what you want, and then I'll try again.

2007-02-20 [Mister Saint]: Note to all winners/participants/zombies: I'm trying to find out more about the impending point system. If anybody has any new information on it, or thoughts on how we might value participation and wins here, let us know, eh? I really, really want to see some kind of graphic 'prize' for winners here, sooner rather than later. ^^

2007-02-20 [Annie]: i kind of like the way the wins are set up now cause it's like...official. there's no way i could have put that on my page myself cause i don't have the power makes it all the more real and stuff. it makes me giggle. :P

2007-03-18 [Mister Saint]: Word on the point system is that Hedda's got to implement it, and there's no foreseeable 'when' on the horizon. So graphical prizes are still on the outs.

We need more entries, by the way. Start kicking people!

2007-03-20 [Calann]: Umm, sorry to nag, but I think someone forgot to edit my page? :3

2007-03-20 [Mister Saint]: eep! 

2007-03-20 [Nightshadow]: Sorry, Calann. I missed a lot of stuff this weekend; was very distracted. ^^; I'm the only one who can do this, so I'm the one to bother about it. :3 *heads off to update*

2007-03-20 [Calann]: Thankies muchly. ^_^

2007-04-01 [Mister Saint]: Civilization and natural are both tied this week. ^^

2007-04-13 [Calann]: What's up with Natural?

2007-04-13 [Mister Saint]: It'll be updated tomorrow. ^^

2007-04-15 [Calann]: *tilts head* I hate to be a nagger, but... :P

2007-04-22 [Jenna Rose]: Intangible is tied this week.

2007-04-22 [Calann]: Whoa. That's surprising. I was totally losing the last time I checked.

2007-04-24 [Mister Saint]: Sorry about the late Natural update. Calann, you got the win and will be dueling Moira Speaks this week. Unless I'm confused.

2007-04-24 [Calann]: Hee. ^_^

2007-04-27 [Calann]: There are no votes in Natural. None. o_O

2007-04-30 [Mister Saint]: Hi. Civilization won't be updated tonight, I'm just too tired. ^^ 

2007-05-07 [Jenna Rose]: Intangible is tied again this week.

2007-05-08 [Nightshadow]: As is natural. On the flip side, I did go through the victors and double-check every single person's homepage against their win record (I got bad about remembering to fix your awards slots approaching finals,) so everyone should be accounted for on the matter. :)

2007-05-21 [Jenna Rose]: Intangible is tied... again.

2007-05-21 [Calann]: Natural's poll is inexistent.

2007-06-28 [Calann]: I detect a decided lack of life in here.

2007-06-28 [Mister Saint]: Sorry. One of the mods quit, another's been on vacation, and I've had some personal problems lately. There'll be a full update this weekend, I hope.

2007-06-28 [Nightshadow]: Also, it's hard to motivate ourselves to take time for a time-consuming update every week when the same two or three people are the only ones who ever participate. Having an arena for two or three individual duels is like dragging around a fifty pound sledgehammer for swatting mosquitoes. Like [Mister Saint] said, though, we'll be sure to throw in a full update come Sunday....

2007-06-29 [Calann]: I'd offer to submit less, but that probably wouldn't help, would it? :P
Will just have to get more people to contribute...somehow.

2007-07-11 [Mister Saint]: Sorry I missed the update again. I'm done with the arena, I think. Anyone who wants my category, feel free to take it.

2007-08-08 [Calann]: The place seems to be pretty much dead. :/

2007-08-08 [Annie]: Ya.... :(

2007-08-08 [Morningstar Rising]: I wrote a new poem, will be putting it up today.

2007-10-10 [Kiddalee]: Maybe the short terms for contests and multiple categories means that this place requires more activity than a very small community is willing to give.

2007-10-11 [Annie]: Possibly. Probably.

2007-10-27 [Nightshadow]: Format changes are being made. New duels will go up on Sunday. :)

2007-11-09 [Kiddalee]: Well well...

2008-01-08 [Calann]: Or then not?

2008-01-10 [Calann]: Well, even if this isn't getting back on its feet any time soon, I would appreciate my award slot being updated. :)

2008-01-11 [Mister Saint]: Relax. Real life got in the way. ^^

2008-01-11 [Calann]: It has a bad habit of doing that, doesn't it?

2008-01-12 [Mister Saint]: Sure does. ^^ Also, Nightshadow and I aren't going to have time to run the arena. We'd hoped things would ease up some, but we're both just about to graduate college and move on in life and there's just toooo much to do. ^_^

So, we're offering the arena to anyone who wants to run it. Please message me if anyone is interested, and we'll talk. ^^

2008-01-12 [Nightshadow]: Also, we've picked up arenas from dead four times now, between Elftown and here. Honestly, we're tired. :(

2008-01-12 [Annie]: I don't think anybody doubts that. You two had a great idea when you made this arena and you ran it well. I definitely agree that it needs some TLC because it should continue to exist. You rock! Yay!

2008-01-20 [Calann]: And the ball is rolling again! Please vote!

2008-01-21 [Kiddalee]: I hope this small community can generate enough poetry to fill all those categories and have at least one duel a week...

2008-01-21 [Calann]: We have a lot of poetry... the challenge is in getting people to submit and vote.

2008-02-10 [Kiddalee]: Oh. Oops. I missed my chance. I've forgotten your timezone. :P

2008-02-17 [Annie]: No votes in one of the categories and a tie in the other. People - VOTE. We can't have duels without votes.

2008-02-25 [Calann]: Only one person has voted in the Intangible poll, which I don't think can be really counted. Vote! And submit more stuff for Civilization and Natural!

2008-03-16 [Annie]: Well we got two votes in the Intangible poll for last week. Considering the most votes I've seen (total) in a poll is 4 or so, I'm gonna update it. But I expect more! Voting is the easy part! I can understand not wanting to submit often because writing is something you want to take time on, but voting just takes a few seconds. It's really not difficult.

2008-03-16 [Calann]: Sometimes there have been a staggering six votes :P

2008-03-17 [Annie]: Haha, yikes!

2008-03-23 [Calann]: Because I'm exhausted, and because I'd really like it if there were more than two votes, I'm leaving the current Intangible poll up for another week. Also, there are no submissions for the category at the moment. So... vote! Enter!

2008-03-24 [Jenna Rose]: It would be really nice if more people would stop by and vote on polls here. It's not like it would take that much time.

2008-03-24 [Annie]: I agree.

2008-03-29 [Mister Saint]: See what we meant? I gotta say, though, I'm pleased to see you ladies have kept it up. In fact, I'm so pleased, I'm gonna enter one myself. ^^

2008-03-29 [Annie]: Haha...ya we're working on it. People will vote and enter...whether they like it or not...bwahahaha!!! -scheming-

2008-03-30 [Mister Saint]: I have a natural poem lying around. If you two want to set up a 'natural' duel tonight, I can submit it today. Lemme know.

2008-03-30 [Annie]: Well, I could attempt it. It'd be lovely to have them all dueling at once for a change. ;)

2008-04-14 [Calann]: The champion of the Natural dueling chamber is retired... anyone up to taking its place?
Submit something to Civilization while you're at it, would you? And for the love of everything that is holy: Please, VOTE!

2008-04-19 [Calann]: Come on. Vote. Please? *kitty eyes*

2008-04-27 [Annie]: Two weeks and there were 2 votes...

I try to make a joke in every poll and you still don't vote! I guess that tells me how good my jokes are. Pshaw.

2008-06-10 [Calann]: I'm going to give the current poll one more vote period, because I absolutely refuse to let one meager vote decide...

2008-06-28 [Annie]: GASP
3 votes in each category!!!
-heart attack-

2008-06-28 [Calann]: Omg :O

2008-06-30 [Annie]: Whee!!! 4 votes in Intangible!! :DDDD

2008-07-01 [AuroraLumos]: *waves* I vote every time!! ^-^ aren't I lovely? (just haven't thought of anything to enter yet XD)

2008-07-01 [Annie]: Yes you are.

2008-07-02 [AuroraLumos]: ^-^

2008-07-03 [Annie]: Five votes in intangible!! <3

2011-03-13 [Akayume]: *Haunts*

2011-03-13 [Calann]: Only ghosts here. :P

2011-03-13 [Annie]: Haha..I considered bringing this one back to life, but I'm not sure it's ready yet...Not sure we have enough active members yet.

2011-03-13 [Akayume]: So sad. :( I actually stumbled upon this by accident. XP

2011-03-13 [Annie]: Haha...well, it had trouble staying afloat even when we had plenty more active members.

2011-03-18 [Akayume]: Awwww. :(

2011-10-03 [Annie]: Ya I miss it. It was a good little contest.

2011-11-10 [Calann]: *pets it* Poor little arena.

2011-11-10 [Annie]: Ya.....

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