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This is an open-ended tournament between characters that the players have created. The winner of a fight is selected by a poll that is put on the page after the battle is finished.


1) Everyone who wants to be in this tournament should create a "monster page," and add a link to it on this page. The monster name can only be 16 characters (letters) long and spaces are counted. The monster name may not contain "vs" or start or end with spaces, but might and should otherwise be very stupid.

2) Someone (one of the two opponents or someone that wants to see them fight) creates a battle-page. The page should be named "VC monsterone vs monstertwo."

3) Then one of the opponents starts by writing an "attack." It can be something like "I ran straight up to him and bite his head off," but you will not win with boring stuff like that.

4) Then the other opponent can write a "counter-attack" and it goes on like that.

5) The fight ends when the battle-page has got the warning "This page is getting too big." If you get that warning, you are allowed to write the last attack, which can be no longer than 30 words. Cheating on this matter will be punished by the voters.

6) You are allowed to correct spelling errors in the other's text, but nothing more.


HeddaTheComputer (Example-character, run by [Hedda])
FontTheDustyBook (Example-character, run by [Hedda])
RivaTheWaterDrop (run by [RiverStar])
ElnaTheStar (run by [elfiedawn])
PingTheThumbtack (run by [Grey Wanderer])
iippothePuppydog (run by [iippo])
Ladyperiloushare (run by [Lady of Lore]
KiddaTheCanary (run by [Kiddalee])
Buddythesheep (run by [Evolution X])
MeasuringTapePip (run by [Annie])
RustyBlenderMan (run by [Ash])
Change Holder (run by [Ash])


None at present, check back later or add one yourself!

VC RustyBlenderMan vs Change Holder

VC HeddaTheComputer vs FontTheDustyBook (Battle complete)
VC RivaTheWaterDrop vs ElnaTheStar (Battle obsolete)
VC HeddaTheComputer vs RivaTheWaterDrop (Battle obsolete)
VC PingTheThumbtack VS iippothePuppydog (Battle complete)
VC Ladyperiloushare vs KiddaTheCanary (Battle obsolete)

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2006-02-27 [Grey Wanderer]: How would I create a charachter? How does this thing work?

2006-02-27 [iippo]: I suppose the best plan of action is to read other people's characters and the battles that are already done, that's how I pieced together what it's about. And if you'll make a char, I'll make one and we can hae a battle together. :D

2006-02-27 [Grey Wanderer]: Mwahahahaha! I've already done that, I just wanted to know if I can just add a charachter...I'm assuming yes.

2006-05-17 [Lady of Lore]: ^_^ hullo all, anyone care for a battle?

2006-06-30 [Kiddalee]: I need opinions: is KiddaTheCanary not stupid enough?

2006-07-01 [iippo]: It's awesome XD

2006-07-03 [Kiddalee]: Whee!

2006-08-17 [iippo]: So is the next battle between KiddaTheCanary and LadyPerilousHare?

2006-08-25 [Lady of Lore]: sure ^_^

2008-07-17 [Evolution X]: Yey sheep! Im here to battle for my mighty county of Wales *waves my flag dramatically*

2008-07-22 [Evolution X]: Wow... this is dead. And I mean really dead. I've desecrated corpses that were more active than this wiki.

2010-11-22 [Annie]: >.>

2010-12-07 [Ash]: I added two characters, I think it would be fun to fight myself. :)

2010-12-07 [Annie]: Haha..that would be fun! I want to see this! -add to list of battles-

2010-12-08 [Ash]: YEA! THANK YOU!

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