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Hosted by [Annie]


Welcome to Five Words



October-February 2011/2012

Watch out for sneaky words!
Your words are:



1.[Catalyst] - 723.5WordsContest.December20011
2.[Sabrina Catherine] - 479.Country Ablaze


June-October Winners

After two very rough weeks of exams, sickness, and car troubles, I was finally able to get to judging Five Words! Thank you everyone for your participation; I loved reading your writings. As always, I have rated each of your pieces. Here are the winners! Congratulations and hope to see you all in the next round!
1st [Sabrina Catherine] 479.Contest Entries- Five Words August 2011
I laughed so hard when I saw how you used the word furbish--major flashback. Although it wasn't my intention, it was so creative I had to give you first!
2nd [Eleanor] 668.Contest entries.Five Words.August 2011
3rd [Product of a Primal Urge] 826.five words contest august 2011








The Rules

This contest is simple. It is designed to test your ability to find commonality among five seemingly unrelated words.

It is your job to take these five words (chosen at random), and place them all in a single, coherent paragraph.

1. The paragraph must make sense. It cannot be each word strung together to form a sentence or each word placed in sentences that are unrelated to each other.

2. All the words must be contained in one paragraph (defined as 3-5 sentences in most English classes).

3. The words do not need to be placed in any specific order.

4. The words must remain in the same tense in which they are presented.

5. Words from the word list must be written in bold in your paragraph for easy identification.

6. New writings only. No recycling old materials.

7. No plagiarism.

8. Minimal adult material please. I read all entries and I have a weak stomach. >.<
Judging will be based on how well the writer meets the above explained criteria. Contextually-correct, creative word usage will be the biggest portion of the ultimate decision. Obviously, spelling and grammar are an important part of judging. General coherence of your paragraph will be taken into consideration as well. Make sure it makes sense! Originality of subject and style will be counted. And remember...I refer to it as a paragraph, not a sentence or a couple sentences. Say as much as you can without making an entire short story!


An example of Five Words by our last first place winner [Sabrina Catherine]
479.Contest Entries- Five Words August 2011

Check out Five Words Winners List to see the winners from when [Po] was hostess.

Username (or number or email):


2008-09-06 [Catalyst]: Thanks!

2008-09-06 [Aureus Moonrise]: ^_^

2008-09-07 [Ash]: You're contest has gotten very popular. :)

2008-09-07 [Aureus Moonrise]: Well it's a fun contest. =( It should be popular.

2008-09-07 [Ash]: Hey, I got an idea, Annie, would you write up a quip for the ezine, we can put a story in there about it.

2008-09-08 [Annie]: Sure...what kind of quip?

2008-09-09 [Ash]: Just a summary of your contest. And could I toss some questions at you as well so it's like I did an article but with much less work.

2008-09-10 [Annie]: lol, yes, just message me.

2008-09-10 [Ash]: Okay, thanks.

2008-09-17 [Evolution X]: I've got no chance this month... *stares at the entries and sighs*

2008-09-17 [Ash]: Don't be so down, this means neither do I but look, 7 entires!

2008-09-17 [Catalyst]: seven entries is good. And you both stand a good chance

2008-09-17 [Evolution X]: Ohhh can I put in two entries? I had another idea...

2008-09-17 [Evolution X]: *big sad puppy eyes*

2008-09-17 [Aureus Moonrise]: Woah, RiddleRose!! Yours is beautifull!!! -oggles-

2008-09-24 [RiddleRose]: awww, thanks!

2008-09-25 [Annie]: Lol, yes you can put two but just remember that you won't be able to win two places. I.e. if you get third, you can't get second or first, etc.

2008-09-25 [Evolution X]: ok, woo.

2008-09-28 [Eleanor]: I haven't entered a contest in ages. Squeaked one in here, though.

2008-09-28 [bloody kisses]: I've got two. I kind of had block until just now haha - came out with two different ideas though, and they prolly sound the same like everything I write does =/

But hey, I entered, right?

2008-09-28 [Ash]: *jumps BK* Hello. i don't think your work sounds the same, and I read a big chunk of it.

2008-09-28 [bloody kisses]: Hehe, thanks. I feel like I'm always being repetativ =/

2008-09-28 [Ash]: Well, maybe you need to develop a mental disorder, or a few like I have. I can't be repetitive, it drives me nuts to finish things because it so repetitive.

2008-09-28 [bloody kisses]: Well my mind doesn't settle comfortable with a lot of change, nor my tummy sadly. My disorders are more along the lines of lyrical and fear and want types. I show those in my writings so they kind of come in handy, but after a while I feel like I'm just rambling about the same stuff all over again

2008-09-28 [Ash]: You need ADHD, it's awesome (not), but it is good when coming up with writing ideas.

2008-09-28 [bloody kisses]: Hah, I think I have ADD. The only thing I can concentrate on is music because of the sporadic changes in tempo !

2008-09-28 [bloody kisses]: Oh yeah my second entry is kind of mature, I forgot about that

2008-09-29 [Ash]: Ooooh.... *glares at BK*

2008-09-29 [bloody kisses]: What?

2008-09-30 [bloody kisses]: Oh, thanks hun, forgot to change it on this page hehe.

I'm not very good at making everything other user acceptable heh =/

2008-09-30 [Annie]: Haha, it's fine. It just occurred to me today.

2008-09-30 [Ash]: It occured to me after she posted... I'm a great notice...r? I think I'm making a word. :P

2008-10-01 [Aureus Moonrise]: Yay for new words! I love doing that. :p They sound silly.

2008-10-01 [Calann]: It's horrible, but I had to write something. xD

2008-10-02 [Annie]: Haha....ya well, you've all witnessed an amazing moment in history - 12 entrants! Apparently these words really struck the right chord with everyone. :)

2008-10-02 [Annie]: I'm beginning the judging today. It might take me most of the day, sorry it's late.

2008-10-02 [Annie]: Change of plans! Your pieces engaged me so much that I read them all and updated. :)




*panting, wide eyed*

I never thought I'd see something I wrote in words THAT BIG!!!
Yay ^.^

2008-10-03 [bloody kisses]: Wow, sorry got really excited there ^.^

2008-10-04 [Annie]: Haha...words that big? You mean getting first? :P

2008-10-04 [bloody kisses]: Lol, my writing up as an EXAMPLE because I got first!

2008-10-04 [Ash]: Congrads Bk!

Think Annie, now you're getting the White Quill Bump too. Hopefully participation will stay up!

2008-10-05 [Annie]: Haha, ya :) That would be nice.

2008-10-05 [bloody kisses]: Oh yeah, plus now we're all open to post more than one entry haha!

2008-10-06 [Annie]: Haha...ya. :P

2008-10-07 [Straygeek]: Oi it's a poem, delete it if it's not ok, yeah?

2008-10-07 [Annie]: I'll allow it this time because you used the words coherently and because I'm a sucker for poetry, but everyone please remember that your job is to connect the given words in a paragraph.

2008-10-10 [Straygeek]: ta

2009-01-07 [Annie]: One's not enough to judge case you're all wondering why I haven't judged yet. So I'm going to give this one more time.

2009-01-07 [Ash]: you may want to add '-January' then :) Come on people, give me competition!

2009-01-08 [Annie]: Lol, thank you. :)

2009-01-08 [Ash]: No prob.

2009-03-07 [Ash]: Yeah, new contest!

2009-03-07 [Annie]: Ya's been such a crazy past few months. I got a bit distracted...but now we're back on track! :)

2009-03-08 [Ash]: Sweet, I'll get my entry up later today.

2009-05-04 [Annie]: Not gonna update this until I'm back from my trip. I'll be gone all of May...but one entry isn't enough! :( Enter!! :DDD I know finals are done now. ;)

2009-06-14 [Kaimee]: I'm just not keen on the words xD I'll enter the next one!

2010-04-01 [Kaimee]: Hiya [Annie], you still around and interested in hosting this? :)

2010-10-25 [Annie]: Yes! Many months later...we're back!

2010-10-26 [Ash]: Yeah, five words is back!

2010-10-26 [Annie]: ^_^ Alive and well :D

2010-10-26 [Ash]: Since I'm doing NaNoWriMo, I'll have to wait until November to do this. No cheating for me, though I have the most brilliant idea.

2010-10-27 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: I swear it's a conspiracy, I hadn't even heard until NaNoWriMo until today, and now I feel like I have to participate <_<

Oh, and this'll be fun too, as soon as I get up and get going with it.

2010-10-27 [Ash]: OF COURSE you HAVE to participate! It'll suck up a lot of your time though, good luck with it.

2010-10-28 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Eh, I doubt it'll suck up all of my time.
I've got 24,000 on another novel I've worked on, and I've really only put 30-40 hours total on that at most. And that's with plenty of polishing <.<

Still, it's gonna be an experience. I just hope my professors will understand when I hand them copies of chapters instead of my assignments >_>

2010-10-28 [Ash]: It's not that even, sometimes it's just plain finishing it. I usually get really busy end of november and just plan didn't finish my first attempt because of it.

2010-10-28 [Annie]: I always have trouble finishing as well. ;) I do ok for the first few days or so and then I progressively write less and less every day until I'm so behind that I can't even fathom catching up. :P I'm almost positive I won't finish it this year since I'm going on a trip at the beginning of December...too much planning and family getting together to do. :P But still! We try!

2010-10-29 [Ash]: I've set time aside and explained to my boyfriend what NaNo is and how much of my time will be taken up by it, I think he understands.

2010-10-30 [Annie]: Haha...I know my boyfriend the question is if he can stand the busy-ness. :P

2010-10-31 [Ash]: Mine can, I got him hook on Friends of Mineral Town, the Gameboy sequel to Harvest Moon, he's set so we can spend time together but we'll both have something to do.

2010-10-31 [Annie]: Haha...adorable. And ooo, I loved how Harvest Moon looked...

2010-10-31 [Ash]: It's so cute... kwaii!

2010-11-04 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: ... <_< but I love my NaNoWriMo... and it loves me. So far that is. I bring my laptop everywhere with me and write at every free turn. I plan to keep it up even after NaNo ends, but we'll see how I feel when this month is over.

2010-11-04 [Ash]: I've been sitting with my laptop on my bed for the past four days. Been hacking away.

Oh, I'll get my Five Words up tomorrow.

2010-11-04 [Annie]: Haha, no problem. >.> My laptop stays next to the bed most of the time. I have a little bedside desk type thing. It works.

2010-11-05 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: I have to bring mine to school to get anything done <_< I also abuse whatever free time I have a home, but some of us have lives outside of our novels <_<... [Ash]...

2010-11-05 [Ash]: You're just hatin' on my word count.

2010-11-05 [Annie]: Lol...I write at school but I do all that writing by laptop has no battery lol. Poor baby.

2010-11-05 [Ash]: Mine is the same way Annie, I have to keep it plugged in to use it. Unplug it and it has about 30 seconds battery life.

2010-11-05 [Annie]: Haha..all hail technology. :P

2010-11-06 [Ash]: My computer and battery are like 6 years old.

2010-11-06 [Annie]: I think mine is only like 3 years old..

2010-11-06 [Sabrina Catherine]: I hope I'll have enough time for all this. I'm joining the novel writing... problem is... I don't know where to start.... I've been wanting to write it for a while... but I'm scared it will be just me babbling endlessly :(

2010-11-06 [Annie]: Awesome! You'll do great [Sabrina Catherine]! You should check out NaNoWriMo Support, all of us who are doing NaNo this year are hanging out there. ^_^

2010-11-06 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: God... all this ever reminds me of is my two major research essays and my graduation paperwork -.- Why does it have to be in November? Had it been last month, or even January, then I'd love it... but November is just such a... pfft...

Okay, no. I'm good. I love NaNoWriMo, and I'm doing well. I just have a lot to do too, so balance is key. Chya.

And... when I have a few more chapter with interesting words, then I'll give in and do this too.

2010-11-06 [Annie]: Lol ya, but remember that Five Words isn't technically in November. It opened in November and if you're doing NaNo you get a little reward in that you only have to use one word of my choosing. But this round is a fall/winter season round so you don't actually have to write anything up in November. Or December. You could wait until January if you wanted. :P

2010-11-07 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: I could... but I'm also impatient at times. Only when I'm not patient though, and usually I have the patience of a saint. I think this is all the free food talking...

2010-12-07 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: DUCKS AND POTATOES ABOUNDING!

Well, now that I'm done with NaNo, I'm ready for this.
Who's got my words?

2010-12-08 [Annie]: Your word is "espouse"! Go! :D

2010-12-08 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Oh... right. I get to choose the other words from my chapters <_< For some reason I thought that you were going to... but that's because I can't read, apparently.

Anyways, I might just be doing the standard one in the end because most of my chapters don't actually have creative titles... but we'll see. =D

I'mma kick butt.

2010-12-08 [Annie]: Haha, my chapters were boring like that too - "Chapter 1," "Chapter 2," "Chatper 585828289578596." :P As NaNo participants, you get your choice! ^_^

2010-12-08 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Mine all had the 'Chapter 1' and 'Chapter 2', but they also contained mini titles like 'the Nuclear Option' and such, so it was fun.

Speaking of which...

2010-12-08 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: FIRST! BAM! =D

2010-12-08 [Annie]: Awesome excitement!

2010-12-08 [Ash]: I'll get mine up in a minute. :)

2010-12-08 [Ash]: Don't forget Drabbles, Annie's already in.

2010-12-08 [Annie]: Woohoo!

2010-12-09 [Ash]: Okay mines up... I'm going to go get my heater... too cold!

2011-01-21 [Annie]: Really hoping we'll get just one more entry...

2011-01-21 [Ash]: Go nag Veltzeh or Kamiee to write up one.

2011-01-21 [Ash]: I'm putting up a contest announcement on the main page, I'll be sure to mention this.

2011-02-23 [Kaimee]: Meringue is stalling me :P

2011-02-24 [Annie]: Haha...well take your time. I'd rather have three participants and finish very late than two and finish sort of late. :P

2011-02-24 [Ash]: Well finish quickly please, I have Five words as one of the days for March Mad-Dash. :) Figured you could use some free traffic.

2011-02-24 [Annie]: Oh ya! Well, whether or not we have all entries by that time, I'll start a new run of Five Words.

2011-02-25 [Kaimee]: I'm not going to finish in the next week or so, that's for sure! I have a huge project on at work, and we're painting the house in our "free time".

2011-02-25 [Annie]: Haha that's understandable :)

2011-02-26 [Ash]: Poor Kaimee, flooded by things to do. I hope you get a break soon!

2011-03-01 [Akayume]: Oh my goodness. People actually post here still!? ;___; That makes me so happy. <3

2011-03-01 [Annie]: :)

2011-03-01 [Akayume]: I justed logged on after years of being gone, mostly because I tried and that was bunk.

It just.. made me smile to see that not everything was dated in the past.

2011-03-01 [Annie]: Same...and I think you came back for the same reason some of the rest of us did. :) Happy you returned ^_^

2011-03-01 [Akayume]: :D

2011-03-01 [Kaimee]: Aww it is really awesome isn't it? And it's not like this place ever had a million users anyway, so it's lovely to see a few old faces :)

2011-03-01 [Ash]: We don't need a million people as long as we have some loyal ones. :D

2011-03-02 [Akayume]: I agree. (:

2011-03-04 [Kaimee]: Slow, but loyal :P

2011-03-04 [Annie]: Haha :P

2011-03-04 [Ash]: It's better than nothing.

2011-03-05 [Akayume]: Agreed. :P

2011-03-08 [Ash]: I added an entries section... :)

2011-03-08 [Annie]: Oh thanks lol >.<

2011-03-08 [Akayume]: Huzzah!

2011-03-10 [Calann]: Hmm. Hmmmmmmmm. What's the current deadline?

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: Well, since it's called "Spring", I would assume the deadline is the beginning of the Northern Hemisphere's Summer. Which is my Winter...?

I hate when things are titled by seasons! They only make sense in half of the world! :P

2011-03-10 [Calann]: xD

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: Actually, no, let's stick with Summer for my deadline. By the time it rolls around in December I'm sure I'll have perfected my entry :D

2011-03-10 [Annie]: Haha... I'm so sorry, I completely forgot about that little catch! I'm a inconsiderate seasonist! -fixes- ;) But just for clarification here in the spring I'm thinking I'll judge anytime between beginning of May and beginning of June. I'm going abroad in May so I probably won't judge while I'm gone, but either before or after. :) And....:O Calann is back!

2011-03-10 [Calann]: I am o_O Kaims mentioned this place on Elftown so I decided to log in and see how things are. I'd actually kind of forgotten. :P

2011-03-10 [Kaimee]: So had we all >.>

2011-03-11 [Ash]: Well, we forgot it due to Alan's move. I think if he were more of an 'open-minded-writing-boss' it would have gone better. He was so against fanfiction and it's a huge source of authors and traffic.

2011-03-12 [Annie]: Ya I only left because of the switch. But the new WC didn't really feel the same or meet my just felt weird. And then it went down. Not sure what all happened there but I agree with Ash that the move is what caused everone to forget/leave.

2011-03-13 [Akayume]: Did it just burn and die? o___o

2011-03-13 [Annie]: Lol, no clue. It disappeared from the face of the planet.

2011-03-13 [Akayume]: Perhaps all the better...

2011-03-14 [Ash]: Well it is back now, let's all just be happy we have it again.

2011-03-14 [Kaimee]: I assume he ran out of hosting on the new site and never renewed it... that would fit the timing.
And since we're already working out how we can include fan fiction here, things should be a bit more friendly :)

2011-03-15 [Annie]: :)

2011-03-18 [Akayume]: Agreed.

2011-03-18 [Ash]: :D

2011-03-18 [Akayume]: I need to enter this. :X

2011-03-19 [Annie]: Do it!

2011-03-19 [Akayume]: I will! But I need inspiration. :P

2011-03-24 [Calann]: Ditto. (And time o_O)

2011-03-25 [Akayume]: Agreed.

2011-03-30 [Kaimee]: Aww c'mon guys, it'll take as long as checking facebook :P

2011-03-30 [Akayume]: No! I don't need brainpower to check facebook. :P

2011-03-31 [Calann]: Ha! Tried to participate as Linderel. xD

2011-03-31 [Annie]: Linderel?

2011-03-31 [Calann]: That's the alias I usually use these days. It's my Elftown username, for instance. (I changed from Calann to Linderel a few years back. Not entirely sure why I never did the same here.)

2011-03-31 [Kaimee]: Yaaay new entry! :D

2011-03-31 [Annie]: Ohh...I thought the name sounded familiar. :) And yay!

2011-04-01 [Ash]: Sweet three entries!

2011-04-01 [Annie]: Woo!

2011-04-11 [Annie]: Added a couple more slots...just to make it clear that more entries are still welcome! :D

2011-04-18 [Kaimee]: Hahaha, yeah but can you find any more entrants? x)

2011-04-19 [Annie]: Haha, I'm trying! I poked a few people (invited them to the wiki) in hopes that they'll become interested. ;) We'll see...Come on, you know you want to! :D

2011-04-19 [Annie]: Go Emily! Oh I feel so happy ^_^

2011-04-19 [Kaimee]: Lovely to see you back here [Emily] dear :P

2011-04-21 [Emily]: Thanks Kaimee :) been a few years, has it not!

2011-04-24 [Annie]: Just because I'm happy to have four entries and in celebration of WC coming slightly back to life, I made special badges for the winners of this round. If anyone hasn't gotten in who has been contemplating it, consider this renewed inspiration to do so! :) And I'll tell you, they look pretty awesome. ;)

2011-04-28 [Annie]: :D

2011-05-03 [Kaimee]: Awesome to hear [Annie] :D
[sammie h!], if you read the Writing guide it explains how to upload your writings to the proper Writings section here (kind of like a super wiki!) like everyone else has.
It gives you so many more options than a plain old wiki! :D

2011-05-23 [Annie]: Just wanted to update all you lovely WC folks. I'm away from home until around June 11th or so and have limited time for the computer. When I return home, I'll judge this season's Five Words. :D If anyone is wanting to get into this round, please do so before June 11th! ^_^

2011-06-03 [Kaimee]: I love how many entries there are :D

2011-06-03 [Annie]: Me too! :D Can't wait to finalize this round. :)

2011-06-11 [Annie]: Judging tonight/tomorrow ish!

2011-06-12 [Annie]: Congratulations to everyone again! Please read and rate (and comment if you want!), it really makes a difference on WC!

2011-06-15 [Annie]: Wow such a quiet finish this time.

2011-06-15 [Eleanor]: Sorry, I've been on holiday and not checking in regularly. Congrats to all the winners, including myself! Yay! Looking forward to the next contest.

2011-06-15 [Calann]: I really like the new badges better than the old ones :)

2011-06-16 [Annie]: Even though I made them smaller a couple times they still ended up a little big, but I'm glad they're liked! ^_^

2011-06-17 [Eleanor]: I am proudly sporting one at my site. Thanks for making them.

2011-06-17 [Annie]: Yay!

2011-06-22 [Emily]: Yay thanks :D

2011-07-19 [Ash]: Did you do the Latin denomination's right? I think so but I can help to think you should have replace -us with -o.

2011-07-20 [Annie]: Haha ya, but I just googled it and that's what I got, I don't know any Latin. :P I figured they were probably not quite right, but oh well. :)

2011-07-29 [Calliope]: There! Entry done and I even managed to submit it with minimal typing mistakes xD Yay!

2011-07-31 [Annie]: Woohoo! :)

2011-08-01 [Eleanor]: Thank goodness. Mine was sad and lonely there. Now it has company.

2011-08-04 [Sabrina Catherine]: :) glad to see things still moving here. I'm working on an entry right now :) hopefully it works on my phone... (Blackberry)

2011-08-04 [Sabrina Catherine]: Yay! My first entry in forever!!! Kinda a sucky one lol but oh well :)

2011-08-04 [Calliope]: Just for anyone that is watching this and still active... Animals is up and going. It's a very generic contest that allows any medium to be entered with a very broad theme. Please spread the word!

2011-08-07 [Annie]: Yay 3 entries! :D Keep it up. ^_^

2011-09-24 [Annie]: I think I'll end this round soon!

2011-10-07 [Ash]: You're only a month behind... :)

2011-10-07 [Product of a Primal Urge]: gave me time to put in an entry though!

2011-10-07 [Annie]: I'm not a month behind--In my contest, I'm never behind. ;) And yay a 4th entry! After this coming week of craziness I'll tie it up and start a new one.

2011-10-08 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Haha, nice way to put it [Annie] :D

2011-10-21 [Sabrina Catherine]: Can't wait for the results :)

2011-10-22 [Sabrina Catherine]: Woohoo!!!! :)

2011-10-22 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Great job [Sabrina Catherine], I agree, it was pretty funny XD Also, congrats on second, [Eleanor]

2011-10-22 [Annie]: I just have to ask did mean "furbish" as in Furbies right? ;) I'm assuming that wasn't just a huge coincedence haha.

2011-10-23 [Eleanor]: Congrats, everyone, and thanks!

2011-10-23 [Sabrina Catherine]: Yup :) furbish is furbie-speak lol

2011-10-23 [Annie]: Ya haha, ok, we're on the same page. :)

2011-11-10 [Calann]: *stumbles back from La-la land* Hello again! xD

2011-11-10 [Annie]: Haha, hi! :)

2013-01-19 [Sabrina Catherine]: I wonder how much longer writersco will be around if it continues at this pace.... Zero writings last month... :(

2015-04-12 [Sabrina Catherine]: I pray this site never dies... I mean it's dead, but it's still here, you know? I'm saddened to see this place abandoned like garbage :(

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