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Everybody, WritersCo-heddate is a community. For this reason, we try to keep as many oppurtunities as possible open for non-staffers to help build it. So, if you want to help, but are at a loss for what to do, try some of these:

• You can go ahead and fix any spelling and grammar errors on the official pages (and not just the ones on the list below - though don't change the Terms and Conditions page).
• If you know your way around, you can help by answering questions on the Writersco Help public forum.
• Start any forum groups that you think would be useful (list them on Private_Forums).
• Have an idea for a wiki-group or project within the community? Okay. Build it.
• Use the Writersco Community public forum to point out bugs in the way Writersco works, including navigation, programming, stylesheets, and whatever else.
• Likewise, use the Community forum to make suggestions on how to improve Writersco (anything you're not able or willing to do yourself).
• Participate in contests and wikis that are already built.
• Suggest a poll for Mainpage on Poll Suggestions!
• Read and rate lots of peoples' writings, help them improve with crits, and even add the extraordinary ones to the Featured Writings.
Pump up the population of Writersco. Advertise and invite people.

WritersCo Wikis You Can Build:

About the Ads
Agent Listings
Guides and Tips
Magazine Listings
Music Inspiration
Other Organizations
Places To Read
Publisher Listings
Recommended Reading
Technical Ideas
Technical Details
This Page
Ways to Pump Up the Pop
Words of Advice
Writersco Graphics
Writing Contests
Writing Software
And there may be a more that I haven't thought of!

WritersCo Wikis Where You Can Fix Spellings Or Suggest Additions To:

Places For Newbies
Writer's Resource (Note: While it's not really useful for everybody to add to this page, you may help build its subpages.)

Note: Yes, you can become a member of the Staff, but this very likely won't change how much you can help us out. If you think it will, go ahead and find out how to become a member of the Staff, and do what's necessary.


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-The wiki-index
-The help index

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2006-07-01 [Font]: I have a tip for anyone that want's to help out with things around WritersCo - It's always good to consider, if it is already there, do I really need to create another version of it. 9/10 times you shouldn't and instead you can always contact the people responsible and ask can you help out, or suggest a few improvements. Of course if you think you could make something beneficial and better, then go for it.

2008-05-25 [gandalf]: hmmmmmm..........

"Note: Yes, you can become a member of the Staff, but this very likely won't change how much you can help us out."

just how much dare i say to this before i am banned.....
do you truely understand what this is stating?

does it matter how much skill in programming, writing, basic knowledge in diverse areas, (including human interaction) and experience one has? or is it really a dead issue?

please advise when i am to be banned for this "questioning"....

2008-05-25 [Veltzeh]: Why would you be banned for questions, though?
I think the statement means that when you are helping, it doesn't matter that much if you're a member of the Staff, because you would do that helping anyway. Right? :)

2008-05-28 [Font]: Correct. Every member can help in some way, after all it is a community. If someone is willing to help and aid in the positive movement of WritersCo, then they will probably be active in the community, have a good knowledge of the forums and wikis, and also have communicated and interacted with the other members. I think doing these things would be sufficient to demonstrate experience, if someone was going for a staff role. Of course they'd have to write about it - it can't just be assumed.

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