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Welcome to the BBC.
No, not that BBC >_>
This BBC is the

Backwards Book Chart

What is the point of anything?
Well, that I don't know, but the point of BBC is for you to make a list or a chart of the books/writings you've read - in a backwards order, starting with the most recent one, ending with... well, how long your memory reaches.

No, it doesn't have to be accurate or in an orderly fashion, we won't come hunting if you don't put the books in a chronological order. Just make a list of things you read, with the current/latest one on top. You can put your comments about them, link to other members' writings here in the'Co or outside writings. You can put graphics (remember the UAR), use and abuse the html tags, make the page as you as you want to. Run free.

This chart helps in the following ways:
-people can start a conversation with you about the book you've just read (but if you haven't finished the book, do mention that on your list or you'll get spoilers! :O)
-writers can check your book-list and ask you to have a look at their work if they think it is sort of similar genre or style with a book you've read and liked.
-you can pick things out from other people's list that they've really liked... Recommendations and things.
-you can also see what they've read that affected their writing, so if you liked what they wrote, you'll probably find something that they read you'll like.

Charted Waters:

Feel free to make your own wiki, Naturally it'll look nice if you somehow follow the format, but you don't have to, you can name your wiki what ever you want.
Add to the list:

1. [iippo]: BBC of iippo
2. [Kiddalee]: BBC of Kidda
3. [Annie]: BBC of Annie
4. [Ally]: bbc of ally
5. [SilverFire]: BBC of SilverFire
6. [Child of God]: BBC of Child of God
7. [Calliope]: BBC of Calli
8. [JKing]: BBC of JKing
9: [Veltzeh]: BBC of Veltzeh
10: [Kaimee]: BBC of Kaimee
11: [Jenna Rose]: BBC of Willow Rose
12: [mousepoet]: BBC of mousepoet
13: [sequeena_rae]: BBC of sequeena_rae
14: [Ash]: BBC of Valient tragedies

The deep uncharted waters
---> ABC

What better chance to have amazing, in-depth discussions about literature than in a wiki of obsessive-compulsive readers? Hence a formation of The Book Group. Since I've had the pleasure of attending amazing book group meetings in my life, I will use those experiences to build these online book groups.

The format:
There will be a general-ish topic which can be interpretted in many ways and is probably expressed in several pieces of literature. The participants (i.e. you) will choose a book you have read/are reading/will read, which you think has passages that fit the topic. During the discussion, everyone will have the chance to quote a passage from their book, which will be discussed by the group, the meaning considered and random thoughts inspired by it shared (you are encouraged to have coffee and bisquits handy, because this is the amazingly fun part of the meeting). We might even stumble across the meaning of life during these meetings.

Since not all of us are that English, you'll need to have either an English source for your quotations (you can read the translated version, that's no problem - has a fairly large number of books online, from which you may be able to find your passage), or you'll need to be fairly good at translating.

Suggestions about topics are welcome. <diary:790>

I'm thinking these discussions should be had in the forums. The wiki could get quite bizarre... There will be a wiki to start with (everyone can introduce themselves and their book) and then when the discussion is through, it can be sorted clearly into the wiki for future generations to awe at.

Username (or number or email):


2006-04-01 [Kiddalee]: What was the other BBC?

2006-04-02 [iippo]: British Broadcasting Company... So BBC1 and BBC2 are two major channels in British TV, and generally BBC news and dramas and all is like top-quality television... And they have radio stations too... So massive broadcasting thing that speads its products all over the world.

2006-04-03 [Kiddalee]: Aah, yes. I should have known that, but I rarely watch TV.

2006-04-03 [SilverFire]: *haunts*

2006-04-03 [iippo]: *expects Silvie to make a BBC*

2006-04-03 [Ally]: Hmm I don't remember which books I read when... and it has been a while since I read one...

2006-04-03 [iippo]: *expects Ally to make a BBC* :P I won't kill you if you don't remember everything... Or anything >_>

2006-04-04 [SilverFire]: *has a written one, of sorts*

2006-04-05 [Kiddalee]: I have a recently started list, but don't care to review everything on it.

2006-04-05 [iippo]: *demands links*

2006-04-05 [SilverFire]: It's... um... in the real world. X_x

2006-04-06 [iippo]: Well with ET brokered and holiday starting you have plenty of time to type it in :P

2006-04-09 [iippo]: *squees with excitement about the book group idea* Now... We need a nifty abbreviation for the book group (something that means something already please :P I'd make it ITV to keep with the 'British TV channels' -theme, but it doesn't really fit)

2006-04-10 [Kiddalee]: Maybe use a TV channel from elsewhere in Europe?

2006-04-29 [iippo]: Silvie, go to Kidda's BBC and start a discussion on Blake there! I commandeth you! (Well, not really command... more like beg on my bended knees... :P)

2006-04-29 [Kiddalee]: Blake? As in William Blake? I did just study him a bit.

2006-04-30 [iippo]: And Silvie did too (and was bugging everyone in ET about water symbolising stuff) and there's now an actual chance of an interesting conversation that could be sparked by a BBC-list thingie! :O It's like... the wiki would actually fulfill one of its purposes! And that would make me happy :3

2006-04-30 [SilverFire]: *nods* we studied Innocence & Experience (But I had a book w/ the colour plates in, too O.o) And everyone keeps going on about 'the waters of materialism' (like the brook the pebble is in in 'The Clod & The Pebble' - but why is water a symbol of materialism?

2006-04-30 [Kiddalee]: Eep. That, I didn't pick out. What I studied were excerpts from a document he wrote in response to Reynolds' Discourses, which was too snobby and technical for his tastes. Then I later read the poems because I am a lit geek and my mini-essay had sparked enough interest in him to learn a bit more about him on my own time. I just barely remember something he wrote about a clod or pebble...

2006-05-01 [iippo]: Book group discussion thingie wiki done! ABC!

2006-05-14 [Kiddalee]: YaY for the link to the Literature Page! It's so much more navigable than

2006-05-22 [Child of God]: Can anyone join BBC and ABC or do you need an invite? ^-^

2006-05-22 [iippo]: Anyone can join! Just edit the page in either/both and add yourself! :)

2006-05-22 [Child of God]: Yay! Coolness! ^-^

2006-05-28 [Calliope]: There, I've got mine started. Have to gather up some of the other recent ones as well...

2006-05-29 [iippo]: Hurrah! And welcome!

2006-06-24 [Kiddalee]: Whee [JKing]! *watches*

2006-07-18 [Kiddalee]: It's too quiet in here! Geez. Makes me wanna do something useful.

2006-07-18 [iippo]: :D Everyone has withdrawn to their summer hideouts with such a high stack of books that they can't climb over it to reach the computer.

2006-07-18 [Calliope]: I keep forgetting to update. I'll get around to it one of these days heh

2006-07-20 [Kiddalee]: I haven't read much since my last children's book. I've done a bit of journalling, but I've mostly been wasting time all summer.

2006-07-21 [Delladreing]: *peeks round the corner*

2006-07-21 [Kiddalee]: ***peeks round Dela's corner straight into her eyes*

2006-07-21 [Delladreing]: O.O; *jumps away and falls*

2006-07-25 [Kiddalee]: Oh. Sorry I scared you. ***offers a hand*

2006-07-26 [Delladreing]: *brings in the coffee and the cookies* eh not to worry

2006-08-17 [iippo]: Remember to export and put keywords to your BBCs so people will find the wikis with wiki-searches and WritersCo through Google too. :) (not mandatory)

2006-11-05 [iippo]: Don't tell me everyone's gone to academia and has forgotten the art of reading for pleasure? I sure almost did, but then I remembered it again and went to the library and now I have a stack of five books to read in addition to my course work reading ^^

2006-11-06 [Kiddalee]: Actually, a lot of my course work reading is pleasure, since I chose to be an English major for a reason.

2006-11-08 [iippo]: Best of both worlds eh? :) Meh, I suppose my reason to go for art studies isn't very far from yours.

2006-11-10 [Kiddalee]: YaY! A new BBC! Welcome, [Janouk].

2006-11-11 [iippo]: :D Indeed, welcome!

2006-11-13 [Janouk]: Yay! It's a bit old and junkie right now though :p

2006-11-14 [Kiddalee]: Beh. Getting started is always like that.

2007-01-06 [Kiddalee]: [iippo]: Have you considered submitting this wiki to Get Your Stuff On The News?

2007-01-06 [iippo]: Yeah, but I wasn't really sure it'd fit the requirements.

2007-01-09 [Kiddalee]: Yes, it does. Anyways, you could have applied to see.

2007-01-11 [iippo]: I fear rejection. :P Ok enough of excuses, I'll do it. :)

2007-02-08 [Veltzeh]: I did a list! If anyone knows, I'd like the original titles of the books (I have many in only Finnish) and some of the authors that I've forgotten... :D

2007-02-08 [iippo]: Whee! Welcome!

2007-02-09 [iippo]: Yay, we have gained a Kaimee! Welcome!

2007-02-11 [Kiddalee]: YESSSSS! More readers!

2007-02-11 [iippo]: In her Elftown-diary recently [SilverFire] was talking about how the bookshelf can really represent a person, and - with her permission - I'd like to invite you all to do the same: think, what does your bookshelf say about you?

Would that be interesting to do? Would you be interested to do that? And what would be a sensible way to do that? I'm thinking people'd make a wiki for their bookshelf personality analysis - any reason it's not a good idea?

2007-02-11 [iippo]: I'll do mine in iippo's bookshelf to illustrate what I'm on about.

2007-02-11 [Veltzeh]: Sounds interesting...

2007-02-11 [Kiddalee]: *illuminates* Good idea.

2007-02-21 [Jenna Rose]: Hmm. My book chart would be huge. I have a notebook, in which I write the name of every book I read down. o.o Since I was about 8.

2007-02-23 [iippo]: WOW. *bows down* That is really awesome. O_O
I know it'd be a lot of work, but it'd be utterly awesome to see scans of your notebook pages... :3

2007-02-23 [Veltzeh]: It probably wouldn't be backwards. ;)

2007-02-23 [Jenna Rose]: I dunno if it would show well on a scan. It was and old address book, and my writing when I was 8 wasn't the best :P
But I think I'll type them up for a BBC wiki. When I get the time (school's keep me busy).

2007-02-23 [Jenna Rose]: Heh... I just need to find the notebook. x.x The last place it was, was under my bed, and frankly, it's scary under there xD Like going into uncharted territory...

2007-02-23 [Annie]: that's amazing...i wasn't even writing in a journal or diary when i was 8. i didn't start writing in a diary until i was like...10, and even then i never did it regularly.

2007-02-23 [Jenna Rose]: Well, it wasn't really a diary. It was just an old address book, and I wanted to remember the books I'd read, so I wrote them down. The first 10 pages were Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books ^^ lol... I have a diary now, but I don't write down books I read. Or much really...
This sucks! I was looking for the book, and I asked my mom if she had seen it, it's pink with fish on the front, and she was like "I think you threw that away the last time you cleaned your room." Noooo! And I faintly remember thinking about doing that, because I didn't need to remember the books >_<

2007-02-24 [Jenna Rose]: Added mine ^^ I think I did throw the notebook away last month... :\ So I'm not sure what order I read some in, but I arranged them the best I could remember... I've read more than that, but I can't think of them names >_< So when/if I remember more, I'll work on it.
Also, the series are in the order I read them, latest to oldest, but the other books, some of them were read between the series, it just looks a lot neater the way I have it. Hope that's okay, to whoever runs this! :P

2007-02-24 [iippo]: Of course, any way you want to arrange your wiki is good :D And now, a short silent moment in the memory of books thrown away... *is silent*... thank you. Also, here is the proper welcome to you, Willow Rose: Bwee, welcome! :D

2007-02-24 [Annie]: -very solemn silence- i always hate throwing note books away...i've never thrown a real book away, but note books i throw away when they're full of school notes and stuff...and even then it hurts...all that writing...all those beautiful pages. :(

2007-02-24 [Jenna Rose]: I threw it out (I think, anyway), because I thought "Why would I ever need to remember all of these books that I read?" And of course, I had to find this place AFTER. x.x

I NEVER throw books away... And if I don't want one anymore, which is rare, I give it away, so other people can read it.

And thank you! ^^ *ish welcomed*

2007-02-28 [Kiddalee]: I don't throw books away, either. My journal or creative notebooks kind of just accumulate. I have thrown away most of my elementary and high school notes that weren't creative writing.

2007-02-28 [Jenna Rose]: Notebooks are okay to me to throw away. But not like, book books... Most of my notebooks just have trash in them anyway.

2007-02-28 [Kiddalee]: Yeah, I don't know if I'll ever actually find a use for my notebook writings. Maybe I should just type up the good parts, print them out, and get a real filing cabinet for them. Then I might be able to use those saved parts later.

2007-04-01 [iippo]: Welcome, [mousepoet]! :D

2007-04-01 [mousepoet]: Thanks!

2008-04-13 [sequeena_rae]: Hope you don't mind me adding my own :P

2008-04-15 [Kiddalee]: Hooray!

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