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Free to Write (FTW), is an organization that was inspired by Flipside. Flipside is a place to hold contests and participate in contests, but it is more tuned for staying appropriate for all audiences. Though this is to no disrespect to Flipside (a great place to hold and host fun contests!), FTW was created for writers with more 'adult' tastes, to hold contests, to participate in contests, and talk about any troubles they might have with writing adult content.


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[Emily] has declared herself Administrator of Free to Write. Questions about this wiki, for the moment, should be directed to her. Also refer to [Mister Saint] if you have questions about Flipside.

Special thanks to [NightHawk] for creating the banner (with a bunch of babble, ain't that cool!), and to [Mister Saint] for the temporary dividers from WritersCo Graphics.


Featured Contests

Revenge by Kuzco.

An excellent choice of contest by [Kuzco]. Use your imagination and make your readers shiver in delight.

Picture Perfect by [Aeolynn]

Take a look at a picture and write some contemplative words on it. This is a good exercise for new writers looking to practice word choice skills.

Sin of Lust by [Emily].

This contest details the sin of Lust. See here for more details.

100 Words Winners by [Emily]

Moved from Flipside.

Absolute Horror by [SleepingDragon]

Be creative. Spook us! BOO!


Also more thanks to [Mister Saint] for letting me use the Flipside layout for this wiki.

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2006-01-24 [Emily]: I like really high pulp in my orange juice. More vitamins from that and it gives me something to chew o.o. And be entertained with... Green tea also helps me with any tummy aches. It's just cleaning out your system, and it'll usually do that if it's good kind of green tea. It goes away after a while. I had green tea ice cream the other day... it was... interesting.

2006-01-24 [Aeolynn]: I can imagine that... eww

2006-01-24 [Kuzco]: I bet it was! It was quite an experience for me, but yeah, that's what my dad told me while I was ranting and complaining about "you're a pig, if Green tea does taht to you, I hate to think what kind of diet you're having"......he had a point. ;) . Drank it the other day, nothing happened...that is worth discussing.

2006-01-24 [SleepingDragon]: I like my Sweet Dreams tea (chamomile and habiscus)... but usually I do coffee

2006-01-25 [Emily]: Coffee always leaves such an awful taste in your mouth, though. I usually dislike a lot of teas, except Tazo and Arizona <3. As for the green tea ice cream... it was actually very excellent, with chocolate chips mixed in.

2006-01-25 [SleepingDragon]: Finished my 1st 'tasteful' piece of erotica today. It can be found in my writings under erotica. Mad props to [Emily] for inspiration and steering me in the right direction, and also to [Po] for her usual proofreading and nitpicking.

2006-01-25 [Emily]: Yay! That is so awesome!

2006-01-25 [Aeolynn]: coffee....ick.

2006-01-27 [SleepingDragon]: I'm trying not to mention it again. shhh ;)

2006-01-27 [Emily]: Hey SleepD, why don't you post your story for us somewhere around heres?

2006-01-27 [SleepingDragon]: which one are you talking about? My book project?

2006-01-27 [Emily]: The 'Anna' story.

2006-01-27 [SleepingDragon]: 268.Erotica.Anna is in my writings.

2006-01-27 [Emily]: link!

2006-01-27 [SleepingDragon]: done :)

2006-01-28 [Emily]: Okay all, I have just added What is 'HDP'? to the links list -- if you are planning on hosting a contest with a sexual theme, please go there and read that and comment if you may! Thanks all.

2006-01-29 [Emily]: I've moved the 100 words contest from Flipside to here. Hope no one minds!

2006-01-29 [Kaimee]: But.. Why? And more to the point, why did you change the actual wiki page? You could have just moved the link to this page, and edited the original page to say it was a Fere To Write contest instead of a flipside one. Easily done :/ Why transfer it all to a new wiki entirely?

2006-01-29 [Emily]: When I post the winners, I need the whole page with me. and 100 words looked funny to me :/ I thought it did for everyone? it was off-alignment in my browser. It may just be my settings. It looks better now for some reason.

2006-01-29 [Kaimee]: I think it was just your browser :P And it makes more sense if it's for the winners, when are you going to close it? oh, and also, when you do post the winners, maybe link to that page from the old wiki.. something like "Winners can be found at.. etc."?

2006-01-29 [Emily]: I'll see that when I replace it if my browser doesn't mess with it again. And new link'll happen. Lastly... I'll be making judgment in just a little while (currently preoccupied... aka stalling).

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