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This is the whole point of Flipside! The contest section here is dedicated to improving our skills as writers, but remember that only Flipside members can host contests here. Keep in mind that hateful contest themes are prohibited, content is to be mild, and contests are to be fair and unbiased. All that aside, let's have fun with it! Please post your contests in the appropriate section.

Contest entrants are encouraged to write entries specifically for the contests. Please do not enter your treasured works in these contests, so that no one has to worry about copyright issues.


Short Story Contests

Famous First Lines by [RiddleRose]
     *short story
     *I give you a first line and you write a story to go with it.

Five Words by [Annie]
     *short story/paragraph
     *I give you five words and you write one paragraph implementing them in a creative, coherent way.

Ghosts of Ourselves by [Paz] and [RiddleRose]
     *one time only
     *short story
     *Ghosts galore!

Hera or Heracles, Zeus or Prometheus by [Today for you, tomorrow for me]
     *one time only
     *short story
     *Write a Greek myth with a twist.

Historically Based by [Calliope]
     *short story
     *I give you a historical event and you place fictional characters within it.

Piece of Mind by [Calliope]
     *one time only - deadline: 5 entries
     *short story
     *Write a dialogue that argues a point.

Text Around A Phrase by [Kuzco]
     *monthly (when possible)
     *short story
     *I give you a famous phrase and you write a story with a moral or reason using that phrase.


Poetry Contests

Strangers by [Calann]
     *one time only
     *Tell the story of a stranger in a poem.


Contests allowing both

If I were a . . . by [Today for you, tomorrow for me]
     *every two months
     *short story/poetry
     *The title kind of says it all.

This is Life Writing Contest by [Kaimee]
     *one time only - deadline: possibly Jan 31st
     *short story/poetry
     *Write something based on your real life and experiences, no fantasy!

Halloween Horrors by [Calliope]
     *short story/poetry
     *Combined Urban Legends to give us the shivers.

Drabbles by [RiddleRose]
     *100 words
     *I give you a challenge and you write a 100 word paragraph drabble meeting this challenge.


Previous Contest Winners

Give the username, a link to the story, and a link to the contest in which the story won!

     -63.Valediction Entry
     -The Valediction Contest

     -268.Tyrannosaur on Grand Avenue
     -The Chase

     -89.The Kiss
     -Kiss Scene

[Mister Saint]
     -79.Contest Entries.No Said
     -What he said

     -268.Lucas of Mortia
     -A writing competition

     -I Want You To Write Forgiveness

     -282.The Unholy
     -dark and stormy

[La Divina]

     -5.Contest Entries.The RiddleRose
     -ghosts of ourselves

Winners for the monthly Five Words contest are announced at Five Words Winner List.

Winners for the monthly Drabbles contest are announced at Drabble Winners.

Winners for the monthly Famous First Lines contest are announced at Firstline Winners.

Username (or number or email):


2006-03-23 [*Amy*]: yes, frog prince!

2006-03-23 [chuchutrain]: *is dead*

2006-03-24 [RiddleRose]: *attempts to poke frog with stick but fails miserably, accidently poking own cheek* yowch! *almost swallows frog* blech! slimy! i don't like froglegs! ew! *waves stick wildly in air*

2006-03-27 [*Amy*]: Frog legs? ew disgusting

2006-03-28 [SleepingDragon]: Frog legs are excellente' ! :D I'll take your portions any day. Bring it on!

2006-03-28 [RiddleRose]: ew, you can have them... i'm a vegetarian. XP

2006-03-28 [Mister Saint]: Oh lord, they're multiplying! 

2006-03-28 [chuchutrain]: .... *is STILL dead*

2006-03-28 [Mister Saint]: *pulls a coffin out of his pocket and hoists Chuey into it*

2006-03-28 [chuchutrain]: *sits up and sighs in annoyance* you guys are supposed to revive me! Not put me 6 feet under! jeeze! *gets out of the coffin and sits on the couch*

2006-03-29 [Mister Saint]: o.O ... O.o ... THE DEAD LIVE!! AAAAHHH!!!!!

2006-03-29 [Fuzzysabeast]: Hey it's my story come to life.....Ahhhhhhhhhhh

2006-03-29 [RiddleRose]: ahahahaha!!! *huggles chuey*

2006-03-29 [chuchutrain]: BAAAH! *is huggled and huggles back laughing*

2006-03-29 [*Amy*]: man, I want huggles to:P Gives self huggles:D

2006-03-30 [RiddleRose]: hugglefest! *huggles amy-chan*

2006-03-30 [chuchutrain]: *huggles everyone too* :D

2006-03-30 [Po]: Okay, now this has to bring on something that *Amy* is familiar with!!! Cuddle Puddle!!!! :D

2006-03-30 [chuchutrain]: o.O

2006-04-16 [*Amy*]: Notice: Winners posted for A day in the life of...contest

2006-04-19 [*Amy*]: The next theme is up for A day in the life of...contest. Check it out!

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