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As writers it is always important to keep our minds fresh with new ideas, creative thoughts and an idea of how to string a story together. One way to do this is by reading work by other people.  If you have come across a book that you thought was absolutely amazing and everyone who is anyone should read it, add it to the list. You could create a brief summary on a wiki page with the books details.

See this example as a guideline: RR.nameofbook
Please add RR for Recommended Reading followed by the book name.

Then add the wiki link along with a brief summary as follows:

Author : Mays, Billy
Book name : RR.The Power of Oxy Clean
Genre : Advertisment!
Review by : [member!]


Recommended Books:

Author: Asimov, Isaac
Book name: RR.Gods Themselves, The
Genre: Science Fiction
Review by: [Metal Tsubasa]

Author: Cabot, Meg
Book Name: RR.Mediator Series, The
Genre: Paranormal
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Carmody, Isobelle
Book name: RR.Darkfall
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Carmody, Isobelle
Review by: [pixie_shimmer]

Author: Chaucer, Geoffrey
Book Name: RR.The Canterbury Tales
Genre: Various
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Colbert, Stephen
Book Name: RR.I Am America (And So Can You!)
Genre: Comedy
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Cooney, Barbara
Book name: RR.Miss Rumphius
Genre: Children's Literature
Reviewed by: [Kiddalee]

Author: Coville, Bruce
Book name: RR.Oddly Enough
Genre: YA Short Fantasy
Review by: [Kiddalee]

Author: Donohue, Keith
Book name: RR. Stolen Child
Genre: Fantasy
Review by: [La Divina]

Author: Dunant, Sarah
Book Name: RR.The Birth of Venus
Genre: Romance
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Eddings, David & Leigh
Book Name: RR.The Belgariad Series
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Book Name: RR.The Great Gatsby
Genre: Fiction
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Friedman, C.S.
Book name: RR.Coldfire Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy
Review by: [RiverStar]

Author: Goodkind, Terry
Book name: RR.Sword of Truth Series
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Hamilton, Laurell K.
Book Name: RR.Obsidian Butterfly
Genre: Science Fiction
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Harris, Thomas
Book name: RR.The Silence of the Lambs
Genre: Fiction
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Jordan, Robert
Book name: RR.Wheel of Time Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Review by: [grushaj]

Author: Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Book name: RR.Dark-Hunter Series
Genre: Fantasy / Romance
Review by: [Calliope]

Author: Larsson , Stieg
Book Name: RR.Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The
Genre: Realistic Fiction/Murder mystery
Review by: [Tyr Zalo Hawk]

Author: Laymon, Richard
Book name: RR.Traveling Vampire Show, The
Genre: Horror
Review by: [JKing]

Author: Lewis, C.S.
Book name: RR.The Chronicles of Narnia (Series)
Genre: Fantasy & Children's
Review by: [Tyr Zalo Hawk]

Author: McCaffrey, Anne & Todd
Book name: RR.Dragonriders of Pern (Series)
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Review by: [Tyr Zalo Hawk]

Author: MacCracken, Mary
Book Name: RR.Circle of Children, A
Genre: Autobiography
Reviewed by: [Kiddalee]

Author: Monaghan, Patrick (Foreword by Muhammad Ali)
Book name: RR.Street Fighting Man
Genre: Biography
Review by: [Zadius]

Author: Philbrick, Nathaniel
Book name: RR.In The Heart Of The Sea
Genre: Maritime / Nautical History
Review by: [Zadius]

Author: Pratchett , Terry
Book name: RR.Discworld (Series)
Genre: Fantasy & Humor
Review by: [Tyr Zalo Hawk]

Author: Preston, Richard
Book Name: RR. The Cobra Event
Genre: Fiction
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Pullman, Philip
Book name: RR.His Dark Materials Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy
Review by: [RiddleRose]

Author: Shelly, Mary
Book Name: RR.Frankenstien
Genre: Science Fiction
Reviewed by: [Ash]

Author: Smith, Frederick E.
Book name: RR.633 Squadron
Genre: Military Fiction
Review by: [Zadius]

Author: Tarkington, Booth
Book name: RR.Magnificent Ambersons, The
Genre: Literary Fiction
Review by: [Kiddalee]

Author: Westall, Robert
Book name: RR.The Cats Of Seroster
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Review by: [Zadius]

Author: Various
Book Name: RR.Black Heart, Ivory Bones
Genre: Fantasy/ Sci-Fi
Reviewed by: [Ash]


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2005-07-21 [pixie_shimmer]: omg - is mine too long?

2005-07-21 [Font]: Ill move it to a wiki for you, tut tut can't read instructions :P

2005-07-21 [pixie_shimmer]: omg I did read - I was just being an individual... >_>

2006-01-24 [Kiddalee]: ***has alphabetized the list by book name*

2006-05-17 [Lady of Lore]: okies I'll put up several soon ^_^

2006-05-17 [Kiddalee]: YaY!

2006-07-20 [Calliope]: Err..Wheel of Time isn't really a trilogy is it

2006-07-20 [Kiddalee]: That's true... Maybe someone should ask [grushaj] about that. Except... he's inactive.

2006-07-28 [RiddleRose]: well... the hitchhikers guide is five books, but it's still a trilogy... perhaps we could think of WoT like that? *hopeful look* okay, maybe not. 

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